1. Feel like you shouldn’t stay away, it’s like we disregard why we don’t understand, More so you should work with people who are willing to understand this more. For instance study how it affects, the different environments and moods? Maybe even the time of year could make a difference but hiding away from it saying you should never touch it is half the problem (I’m on about schizophrenic and other mental illnesses)

  2. Hey man and everyone in response to this video who experiances problems from using psychoactive drugs etc, while cannabis being a semi-psychoactive drug. I can totally relate to what ur all are saying but the problem here in my opinion is that we (the individual) are not the problem but the surrounding, our lack of understanding of the psyche, the consciusness and whats actually going on. We live in a universe bigger than anyones understanding where we trust doctors, authority and what not without even blinking and where they have pages upon pages poiting out madness in alternate consciusness wich i would call schizophrenia. It's all these new levels of counsciousness that terrifies us, the fear of going mad, wich is notso strange since we have no idea how to deal with this other realm that this alternate states of consciousness work within. Everyone is wired differently and respond differently on stimuli, where some one could have an episode of psychosis tendensies and some one feeling schizophrenic while the next experiance deep motion of anxiety and im not surprised. Are you all really surprised? It's like we are not made for this world we made for ourselfs and would we really want to meet someone who was? If we take a good look around us and even tho we might have misery just outside our doorstep it's still not really that far off and it effects us none the less and maybe even more since we can not take part in chaos but mere stand aside from it and complain wich are not a very constructive way of living.

    The Cannabis experiance:
    Started smoking in my mid teens and never really had any bad experiance from it more than lighting up after drinking alot of alcohol wich u all know is know no-go. It was not untill i was in my late teens i had my first really bad experiance wich i can relate to in alot i've read from the comments on here. Mainly for me and the biggest issue was my heart racing and beating abnormaly hard and rapid (wich in relation to what i felt to what it actually was were pure imagination) and snowballing out of control mainly because of my thinking patterns surrounding what was happening. And since i was quite young i could not rationalize what was happening wich made my state even worse. Every second of every minute was dedicated to that one string of thoughts, something is wrong. Am i going insane, am i going to die? I managed to find my way home and eventually fall asleep. Next episode was shortly after and almost the same at wich point i stopped since i did not even have to inhale to get into the state of madness. I would get placebo and higher than i've ever been bofor just from the smell (wich i much later would realize is not even possible so it would have had to do with how i was thinking and that i actively had to control my thoughts) . I had to distance myself. I could not even bare to smell it and it put me back into that state.

    The Psychadelia experiance: (mostly tryptamines)
    Had my first trip on shrooms, psilocybe cubensis when i was in my late teens wich was a positive experiance. And it would be a while since i were to try it the next time wich would be around 26 wich in this case would be LSD wich in itself was an interessting experiance but not all good. I went through stages from good to bad to good etc. But what i learned that halped me not to spiral into madness was mindfullness wich i will get to a bit later. And i must say that i've done a few sessions of LSD, DMT since then but mostly Psilocybe semilanceata wich has been both bad and good experiances. Some really emotional, somce straight out scary and horrofying whom of wich most likely would have put me in a madhouse if not for the mindfullness wich i will come to here in a moment.

    The central stimulant experiance:
    Mostly Amphetamines, MDMA and veriety of them two such as Xtc. In this devision is mostly where i felt the most horror, since episodes could last days into weeks and months. Do my friends hate me or do i just need to sleep? Thats a phrase wich some might relate to and the beautiful thing here is that u will be sober from any substance and still feel this disconnection from reality with delusions as well as psychosomatic auditory hallucinations from pre dating bad trips and what not. The tap in the kitchen will drip and and the sound of the drip u will hear voices speaking to u. Walking down the street of ur town u will se everyone turning their head talking about you and mostly saying these nasty stuff about u. Episodes where u question everything u do to a things as simple as buttering ur bread to how u stand in the shower. Voices and eyes everywhere. Again i tackle it all with mindfullness

    So now to my point. And even tho this is my strong belief i don't recommend trying this since it takes a certein mental capability wich i must admit i probably did not have to begin with so im lucky i came out on top here instead of ending up on the psych ward or even worse, hurting myself or some one else. I just want you to get the picture and the hypothesis here

    In my early to mid 20s i was thinking about smoking cannabis again since i really missed the positive benifits from it but as i explained it here a bit back i could not even stand the smell, it would get me right back on that bad rollercoaster so what do i do? Well fuck it, i was at that point where i would have learned from personal experiances and reading that what ever this is and what ever is happening to me it's just in my head. It's not real! With that in mind i toaked up… Bad decision i began to feel as it came straight back, paranoid and scared i started to walk around the appartment thoughts racing around my head, wierd shit going on when i walked into the kitchen to have a drink and then to the hallway to get my jacket and to put on my shoes wich put me into this totally different pattern of thinking. The process of getting that glass and filling it with water and going for my jacket and shoes had totally changed my brain waves so to say, away from what ever had govern me moments befor and from that day i was on to something and i was determined that i was not going to quit smoking i was just getting back to it. And from there i kept on breaking it down trying to understand my reactions to it and why it happened. You could call it some sort of therapy, like cbt, mindfullness or what not. And after 2 years i was fully cured. If thats what u wanna call it. The problems where gone, from sitting watching my friend or friends hitting that bong over and over again thinking.. How do they do it? How come i get totally fucked up by just zipping one hit from a spliff while they can go to town on that thing to me being able to smoke a joint with half a gram of the strongest all by myself with no unpleasant feeling what so ever

    And jumping to psychadelia, same methods helped me eliminate most of the horrors that would catapult me into an all bad trip to an actual meaningfull use of the substance. Ofc psychadelia is a category for it self. A trip is ment to be both bad and good. It are to be respected as a journey covering the dual aspects of everything. And moving over to central stimulants. Well staying up for days to a week will effect u, sleep deprivation is the closest a sane mind will close in on madness and paranoia, especially under the influence of a drug but where i prior to befor got psychotic, paranoia and unable to even form a sentence i find with the help of mindfullness a beautifull secondary consciousness where wether im high on something or not can see everything with a new set of eyes and appreciate that awkward state im finding myself in

    I will wrap this up by going back to where i begun. What if psychology would learn from shamanism, something that dates back thousands of years where some one would guide you through the bad experiances u encounter throughout ur life and im not only talking about under the influance of drugs, but under daily basis. A totally sober person can have psychotic episodes inflicted by traumas or something that have happened to them, in wich case we as a society today get in contact with a doctor that practice modern medicine woul administrate some pill or injection or what not that alternate the chemical balance in out body wich in the longer term will make this person mad while the practice of the shaman is spiritual and guiding, not blaming and positive that everything happens for a reason and that we must find the link to spirit if we went and lost it whilst again in modern medecine we are labled as malfunctioning and that something is seriously wrong with us. That will only feed our fear wich in turn we will be lost. But acknowledge this awkward but beautiful state you find urself in with a new set of eyes and explore it

    Thank you

  3. 10% don’t have a diagnosis of schizophrenia—it’s around 1%. But schizophrenia is on a spectrum, so it’s possible that 10% have some form higher than baseline (e.g., high schizotypy, schizotypal personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder)

  4. i am 16, schizophrenia runs deep in my family. i am certain i am slowly building to being diagnosed with it. i heavily abused mdma, acid, marajuarna, speed etc…. i think im loosing myself and now researching about what my future might look like.

  5. Cannabis and psychedelics do not cause psychosis! They heal it. The government doesn't want to tell you this though. The money is in the "treatment," not the cure, unfortunately. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Bibolar 1, aspergers and sensory integration dysfunction, and I've been in therapy since I was around 7-8 years old. Nothing had ever helped me until I started tripping. Don't listen to the lies! How could something that's been in existence for millions and millions of years, and that has been used forever for various reasons in nearly every culture on the planet all of a sudden start causing issues for people? Don't be so naive! Why would anyone profiting from the "medical practice" admit that these substances are miracles (psilocybin, lsd, mescaline, DMT, etc.) when they're making so much money from prescription medications that are designed to ruin you and fix nothing at all (especially psych-meds).
    Think for yourself! See through the bullshit!

  6. my mum is paranoid schizophrenic everyone said she was fine untill after a party had some cake with marijuana and cocaine spike she didnt know is was lased with something stronger, she stopped being social, the doctors back the gave her something really strong after that she was never the same and did damage to her and over time has damaged her nervous system , yes this i think is true.. also be careful with pharmaceutical drug doctors because they can just make you worse and damaged with ever lasting side effects.

  7. I have paranoid schizophrenia since childhood so born like this and I’ve tried weed and mushrooms and didn’t change shit. Still have schizophrenia and it didn’t make it better or worse.

  8. After buying "LSD" that was actually 25-I and taking it for about 3 weekends in a row every friday night… on my last trip it was terrible and ever since then I have had terrible paranoia and anxiety for 3 years now… I try to smoke week to calm down and after about 2 or 3 hits I go back into a trip…. does anyone else have a similar story or similar experience??

  9. this has happened to me after getting high off weed and falling asleep , i had been having constant schizophrenia episodes and never really talked about because i didn’t want to sound crazy . but i just learned my grandma had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

  10. I was a heavy pot smoker for a couple of months and started to have psychotic outbreaks little by little. Then, I did cocaine for 1 month and I became schizophrenic. Drugs can ruin your life if you are genetically prone to suffer from schizophrenia.

    (Excuse me if my English isnt good enough, I am not a native speaker but you certainly know what I meant)

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