1. What a slime ball politician Jack was. He assiduously avoids answering the question directly. He says that a "debate" must take place. As if it hasn't been debated for decades.


  2. alcohol and tobacco causes cancer and governement lets us use it…
    cannabis has a LOT of medical properties even when smoked/vaporized and they still label it as illegal.. wtf

    cannabis is the softer drug, alcohol and tobacco are much harder drugs yet they are the ones that are legal, what a shame

  3. What's dangerous and stupid is having it be illegal. Maybe you live in warm and fuzzy lala land where everything works out perfectly and making something illegal makes it disappear. This is not the case. There IS demand for it and it won't go away. Therefore, enter the drug cartels to capitalize off of that demand and money making business. Make it legal and the cartels will vanish or at least be severely undercut. Alcohol is legal. Notice how there aren't any vodka cartels? Put 2 and 2 together

  4. Also I'm assuming you have never even smoked it, meaning you have no experience from which to form an opinion. At least if you tried it and didn't like it, I could respect that. But badmouthing something you have never even experienced first hand… And I'm the ignorant one?? Gimme a break buddy…

  5. So where do we draw the line on legislating personal behaviors? Why don't we make junk food illegal then under the same reasoning that it's bad for you? Let's make alcohol illegal. Oh wait we did. And it was a complete FAILURE. Why do we expect this prohibition to be any more successful? Learn from history!!! The best way to get the law changed is for the masses to ignore/break it until the law makers realize the law is a dumb law. That's what happened with alcohol prohibition.

  6. Join us in our quest to have an eternal flame placed by Jack's graveside to represent the torch he so brightly lit will continue on in his name. Search facebook JACK LAYTON ETERNAL FLAME

  7. @sydewinderify Kinda how the control tobacco then? Dr. prescription only and used only for health reasons? Shake your head and go learn why it was criminalized in the first place, before you opinionate. Legalizing it would only unflood the courts, make less citizens criminals and maybe allow research into areas like CANCER which may aid a guy like this in a time of need.

  8. @PostHypnoticPress – You sound like a lobbyist. Have Canadians nothing better to do than lobby to use DRUGS? We are in a ludicrous age where the WTO is outlawing VITAMINS as "toxins", but legalizing MIND-NUMBING DRUGS is just fine. As for the "criminals", most of them are the super-rich, and cover GOVERNMENT organizations. We need to REMEDY the defects of our LEGAL SYSTEM to hold the super-rich & govt. responsible for their CRIMES. That would be an historic first.

  9. @crazyforcanada I can make the exact same argument about Alcohol. Except add violent behavior to that list.
    Also there is absolutely zero proof that pot causes schizophrenia. More study is required for that.

  10. @cgord31 – thing is, you won't smoke the joint at home; you'll smoke it in your car. And if you do smoke it at home, you'll get into the car to go get a case and you'll kill someone. Why not put on some nice music; life is a high, drugs are a downer. And drugs today are NOT what they were in Jack's era, POT is 100 times stronger, and its use is associated with adult-onset schizophrenia. So, who needs it.

  11. Keep everybody dumbed down and drugged up, they won't notice you annexing Canada, Jack; and attending the North American Forum on Integration as a friendly guest speaker supporting NORTH AMERICAN UNION and a continental parliament to replace the Parliament of Canada, the infrastructures of which are being STOLEN for it.

  12. the guy on the right definitely smokes. Smoking weed aside, HEMP would take such a strain off of forestry with it's many uses. I cannot believe booze and smokes are sold on every block but pot is illegal.. NDP RISE UP

  13. @ONLYthroughTHECROSS You said that Layton is going to do what Obama did to USA by making a great country into a bad one (I`m heavily paraphrasing) so I was responding to that because I don`t think you`re right at all in what you said there.

  14. @356pla Having travelled around the world I am extremely proud of Steven Harper.
    He is not only a brilliant man, he is an honest man. The left-wing media has given
    him a bum rap right from the start. Canada has emerged as one of the top countries
    having come through the Financial Meltdown – if Jack Layton had been in power the
    entire country would be on welfare nanny state – is THIS what you want for Canada?
    Problem is Canadians don't appreciate what they have.

  15. @356pla I am with Harper 100%. I do not consider him evil. I vote on policy.
    and I am in agreement with Conservative 'policy' being a Conservative.
    Harper has not had a majority Government & has had to fall in line with
    the Libs & NDP'S to get anything passed……do YOU think YOU could do
    a BETTER job up against the situation he has had to work with?

  16. Jack Layton is a certified Wind-bag.
    Prostrate surgery messed up his brain thinking-power OR
    was it too much pot> …..
    be careful who you vote for you might just get what you ask
    for … just ask all the Obaminator voters in the USA that voted
    for 'change' & the country was run into the ditch….
    is this what you people want for Canada? … on the other
    hand if you are high as a kite all the time …. would you even

  17. More People Have Died From Alcohol Related Deaths In Ontario In 6 Months Then Marijuana Related Deaths World Wide In The Past 200 Years. Don't Believe Me? Then Do Some Research & Prove Me Wrong. I Don't Accept Quotes That Your Mommy Or 4th Grade Teacher Told You.

  18. So our honourable Jack Layton was caught in a Massage Parlour !
    Our Honourable Jack Layton,indeed.

    Is this the same Jack who chooses to use private 'for profit' medical
    clinics while the rest of us have to wait in queue for 6 months to a year.
    This is what his 100 plus thousand dollar SALARY buys folks.
    Our tax money buys him a place ahead of the rest of us for medical care.

    This is the same Jack who along with his wife used subsidized housing

    This is the honourable Jack Layton!

  19. @356pla Not naive in the least sir . & I am a lady … well educated at that – and plan
    to live for many more years. And I live in Canada six months a year. Not sure what
    you mean by 'Rae doing it ..,??? & others from the Liberals ??? ….I do not support
    the NDP whatsoever. Never have – never will. They will destroy the great country
    of Canada just like Obama has done to the USA,

  20. @snyper256 do your studying dude.. there's nothing new about the NEW DENOCRATIC PARTY
    just all kinds of left-wing failures. Go to website American Thinker today check article out on
    Canadian Showdown Apr 29/11 – then National Post & Terence Corcoran's article Layton's hidden
    agenda. Shocking. he plans to inc cap & trade on Gas 10 cents/litre & double your payroll taxes …
    isn't that enough to not want to vote for him. Doesn't affect me I'm retired but you will be paying the

  21. @TrueBlueCrusader – It would be wonderful if I was getting paid – lol!
    I'm a senior & could use the extra money! Vote for this wind bag ,.. got for it
    he is planning to increase cap & trade gas tax TEN CENTS/LITRE &
    DOUBLE YOUR PAYROLL TAXES …. ha ha … doesn't affect me I am
    retired & live in the US 6 months a year ,,….. he's going to jam it to you…
    you will be paying the piper not ME …..IGNORANCE TRULY IS BLISS …

  22. All the ignorant people voting for Layton be careful what you sign up for:) He will be INCREASING gas cap & trade TAX BY 10 cents/litre!!!! plus DOUBLING your payroll deductions by DOUBLE!! FACT. Also has 200 other radical proposals the country will never be able to pay for. Do you HOMEWORK. vote responsibly instead of just worrying about how high you get get by legalizing pot. You will be paying the piper BIGTIME – doesn't affect me …I'm retired…. go for it!

  23. @WhammyDown Jack Layton supports legalization, or at least he use to. But if he actually does have a fair debate on the issue, no doubt it`ll be legal because there is no real reason why it`s still illegal.

  24. @doomsword86 This is not true. According to SOME polls, and keep in mind that pre-election polls are a rough guideline and have many variables, Layton is within reach of a minority due to popular vote support. Canada's elections, however, do not use popular vote, but winning ridings, which is completely different. Also, if Layton achieved a minority, his legislation would need the support of other parties to pass. Lastly, NDP doesn't support legalization, only medicinal use.

  25. @PostHypnoticPress This is why if he actually has a serious fair debate on the issue it will be legal. I have faith with Jack on this issue because in previous elections he`s come out saying that he supports legalization and not having it in the criminal code, also it could happen soon if he becomes PM because he will have to respond to the situation in Ontario where the judge is calling for a fix for the medical marijuana system or else marijuana will be legal in Ontario.

  26. PLEASE MR.LAYTON; Every time I open my u tube home page your Stupid , Suiinty Eyed face and shiney bald head stare at me. GET OFF OF THERE. Tell you what , get your wife to show a little camel toe , gotta be better than that face everyday.

  27. @marvelstryfeJack Layton is a wind-bag. Period. Blindly Ambitious Layton & his Coalition
    with the Parti Quebecois – he did it before…. he will do it again & Canada will pay the price.
    The NDP in power before drove Canada into the ditch –
    the Leader then became a Liberal!!
    …..the people who pay attn to Politics 2 days a year need to study it so they know what
    the issues really are instead of being concerned about being able to be pot-head.

  28. @kingofthepaupers He's a wind-bag. Period. Blindly Ambitious Layton & his Coalition
    with the Parti Quebecois – he did it before…. he will do it again & Canada will pay the price.
    The NDP in power before drove Canada into the ditch – the Leader then became a Liberal
    …..the people who pay attn to Politics 2 days a year need to study it.

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