1. Look at the leaf stems as it joins into the main stem. This is a node. Males grow ball sacks. Females develop calyx (tiny leaves) around a hairy looking pistil. Take care as you grow as stress sometimes causes a hermaphroditic (both genders on the same plant) issue. If males pollinate females, little seeds & little flowers.

  2. +BettyKrocker Seen your message on Oregon marijuana(jake) channel. I just subscribed. Sorry your plant is male. It got those balls. If it was female it would have hairs where the branch meets the main stock instead of those balls.

  3. Hmm some female plants can show pre-budding pretty early, even if its not budding season, so if there's no pre-buds at all then its most likely a male, but just wait it out, if it's budding season where you live and there's no sign of budding then its a male. Also if it is a male make a canna-bracelet out of the stems and use the leaves as joint paper hahaha

  4. Give it a week or so and it'll be a lot easier to tell, those bits you are looking at, you want white hairs (pistules) poking out of them for it to be female, if they continue to grow into round balls with no hairs, its a male. Sometimes a magnifying glass and flashlight can help with seeing the formation of the hairs. Hope this helps, but I am by no means an expert, someone who just plays at it! Huge love

  5. I see balls but give t another week and see if hairs come out of the balls then it's female it not it's male. thought i saw a hair on the right side but you were moving to fast I'll look again

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