Is Mixing Marijuana and Antidepressants Safe?

One viewer asks The Doctors if it’s okay to smoke recreationally while being medicated for depression. Subscribe to The Doctors: …


  1. Been on celexa/citalopram for 2+ years. Currently weening off the antidepressant. I smoked weed almost the entire time. No adverse effects. If anything it helped me to get that sleep i really needed. It did not worsen my symptoms. But thats just me

  2. Doctors despise the use of marijuana but indorse prescription meds like its candy. “You cant use weed to drown your sadness but here’s prescription meds that you have to pay us for to drown your sadness instead.”

  3. I started Lexapro on Sept. 5th, it's now Oct. 10th. Ive smoked almost every day since Sept. 11th. And doing good. Marijuana helps me sleep and meditate. When I'm sober on Lexapro I often find myself in a mental fog or something it's hard to explain. When I smoke it brings me to the present. Melatonin keeps me awake. My only problem is I use marijuana TOO MUCH. I love smoking, not even getting high, just smoking. It's very therapeutic for me to puff on something. My high is often ruined by the shame and disappointment of using. I can tell marijuana is suffocating my life in multiple ways.. but it helps so much. I've been battling with myself trying to commit to sobriety.. but I always buy more bud to smoke.

  4. Depression is easily treatable with individualizing the case. NOT throwing pills at the person because it worked for so and so, everyone is different ALOT of “doctors” follow this method because it’s easy, big pharma gets paid they get paid everyone is just living it up. Except you of course you have this “Life Jacket” of a pill that’s supposed to keep you a float but really it’s not you it’s just a sedated body autopiloting through life smh. My advice for anyone with depression is to come to Jesus Christ with his BLOOD as remission for your sins past present and future you can leave it all behind and start fresh also not to mention with him on your side troubles and hard times that would crush you before just seem like water rolling off your back it’s so AMAZING! With that being said I hope everyone is having a blessed day and that y’all overcome the trauma that is holding you back in life.

  5. I would ditch my antidepressants for weed any day of the week. BUT i mixed fluoxetine and smoking for a while and had one AWFUL paranoia trip/psychosis episode -which I've never had before. be careful using them together. if i was having a dark day on antidepressants, weed would only multiply my bad thoughts and shit. doesnt happen to everyone, but just be careful where your headspace is already at when you get high. make sure youre not gonna dwell, just be in a good environment.

  6. No studies to back up what thier talking about more like. Being honest they have no idea, just awnsering a question with another question by not answering with a legitimate answer, just making noise not solving anything, bla bla bla, however it affects everyone differently and is to complex for a non user to comment as they've done shame on them, this video is stigma.

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