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We spoke to Dr. Strouse, Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Director of the Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA about whether or …


  1. Personally I do not see any problem on pot, I smoke it at night, sometimes when I dont have money, its ok, I dont feel addicted, I just dont smoke. Even tho I smoke most of the days and I stop for some days for what ever reason, I do not feel addicted. Pot gets me creative, helps me write stuff and think of future ideas. When socializing, helps me being more social and have more sense of humour. And of course, when I get to bed, I instantly go to sleep, I dont see any bad thing on weed

  2. you can lace weed with other drugs such as crack or even cocain without people even knowing – that's what makes weed a gateway drug….I know people that got addicted to crack this way

  3. I look this up because my uncle committed suicide because of drugs, he started of with weed and then he just got into harder drugs and they made him more deppresed

  4. The only way it's a gateway drug is the stupid laws that force you to go to dealers who then PUSH other drugs at you, been there done that. Cut out the dealers = no gateway, simple

  5. John Lennon was introduced to pot by Bob Dylan then went onto other things that, in my opinion, messed up his personality and led him to parts in his life/career that would have been better without them. Rick James sang about his love for "Mary Jane" and we know what the harder stuff later did to him.

  6. And of course, the libtards at UCLA aren't biased for this gateway drug right? Think about the sources you use before you say it isn't a gateway drug and use doctors to support your garbage arguments.

  7. I know a lot of people like to say "weed isn't a gateway drug, bro" But 100% of the people I personally know that smoke weed have graduated to doing harder drugs. Mainly cocaine. Before and after the cocaine they've all lacked ambition and are just perfectly fine working from paycheck to paycheck and spending hundreds on their drug habbit. They think it's not a problem because they're not like the drug addict you see on TV and they believe they're "functional", but they're poor and going no where fast.

  8. Yes, yes it is. Choice exists. The choice to get High grows exponentially to a persons drug intake. As people get High smoking weed they of course grow some type of tolerance to it or get bored of the high they’ve already gotten. So they go to other drugs for a stronger high. Making weed a gateway drug.
    Of course people get to choose whether or not to go for those stronger drugs. Those that smoke it and say no choose to stick with the weed they smoke now. But believe it or not weed is a gateway drug.

  9. NO ITS NOT. When people gotta do a piss test what do they do??? Switch to another drug that only stays in system for 3 days then they get hooked. Ive been smoking for 15 years and havent even touched ANY other drug

  10. It’s kind of unreal how much humans are pretending, From experience yes. I regret ever smoking weed. It’s very addicting and hard to quit and I’d be a lot farther along in life if I never smoked it. It makes you ok with just a mediocre just okay life, which is actually not ok at all. Like any kind of “medicine” you need to figure out the root of the problem, why you need it,

  11. Interesting. I have smoked Cannabis for 22 years now & have never had any partiality towards the idea of taking other substances. I think this is because unlike all the rest, cannabis is a very natural organic process; smelling, pruning, grinding & smoking a raw plant. As soon as you tread towards chemical compounds, you never know what the fuck you are ingesting.

    As for this "GATEWAY" lark, I believe it to be a very duplicitous term. What is the Gate-way for cannabis, huh? Or alcohol? Gambling? Hunting defenseless animals? Hoarding billion$ away from the vulnerable & elderly?

    The REAL cause of all these behaviors, desires, & curiosities lies within society itself. Slavery to the Clock. Misery in 12 hour shifts. Frustration with the inherent lack of scientific purpose for our race on this planet in order to maintain God-like madness. Capitalism. Greed. Fear.

    If people feel they cannot condone self-satisfaction in reality, they shall seek artificial means of achieving it instead. They are just skirting around the issue.

  12. The very title of this show indicates a heavy bias. I know of lots of people who had their life ruined by Marijuana and it also leads them to other dangerous things. Maybe it's just the kind of pros who will do our are the kind of people to do everything else.

  13. Only in the way that beer is a gateway alcohol. If you're willing to drink a beer, you're probably willing to try other alcoholic beverages. Marijuana doesn't 'make' you want to try other drugs. If you're already open to it, you probably will. If you're not, you won't. I truly believe it's that simple.

  14. I've been smoking since 1991, and never once had a desire to try anything else. I've never even been offered other stuff from my dealers. Pot is basically harmless. The government just wants a reason to lock minorities and liberals up. At least that's what Richard Nixon said.

  15. This statement that weed is a gateway drug is bull, i’ve smoked weed but i never felt the need/want to do other/stronger drugs. Even with peer pressure ive never wanted to try any other drug.

  16. I think its up to the individual more than anything. I personally never would've tried psychedelics if I never smoked pot, but yet I've also never touched hardcore drugs (meth, heroine etc..)

  17. It seems like marijuana tends to be a gateway in that it is proximal to other illegal drugs via the same or similar illicit channels. Now that there is legalization in many states, and marijuana can be sold and consumed without the potential exposure to other drugs, it'll be interesting to see how that affects the subculture going foward.

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