Indica vs Sativa? Does it even matter?

Indica vs. Sativa – Is there even a difference? Sativa and Indica are two main species of cannabis plants that have thousands of subspecies known as strains.


  1. Do they sell 28 gram variety packs? You know, kind of like that beer sampler. 1 gram each of 28 varieties. I'd go for that in a heartbeat. Find what you like for cheap, THEN bust out the coin.

  2. What about the root. With all these perceived positive effects from the buds, what about what the root can do. Countless Roots are used for food so the root has to be able to be used for something.

  3. Most plants are cross breed anyways so the line between indica and sativa are blurred I feel. There is no true indica or sativa I feel most are hybrids and the effects vary, like everyone else is saying lol

  4. As a casual users I feel like I get the same high regardless of strain and regardless of whether I vape or eat. It doesn't matter how many puffs or gummies I eat — 2 gummies feel the same as 5.

  5. Remember when chronic was a rare to get? I remember seeing it the first time when I was like 15 (that was 20 years ago). Now you can't even find weed with seeds and stems in it.

  6. MENU of top quality strains I got:

    Relieves stress:
    •Sour Diesel
    •Blue Dream
    •Green Crack
    •Blue Cheese

    Relieves pain:
    •Purple Haze
    •Afghan Kush

    Fight depression:
    •OG Kush
    •White Widow
    •Super Silver haze
    •Northern Lights

    •Lemon Haze
    •Strawberry Cough
    •Jack Herer
    •Durban Poison

    Sleep better:
    •Grape Ape
    •Berry white

    Happy Feeling:
    •Girl Scout Cookies
    •Grand Daddy Purple

    Boosts Appetite:
    •Purple Kush
    •Black Widow
    •Lemon Skunk

    •Cherry Pie
    •Super Lemon Haze
    •Moon rock

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