1. Seriously, these are one of those things that once you try, you don’t know how you lived without. Especially here In Colorado…A tip is if I pick up a mixed oz from a despo, I’ll seal a bunch of 1/8 containers with their lids popped in a Tupperware container with a couple boveda packs. Day or two latter they’re perfect

  2. I thank Dude for not getting tooo baked on the show. He helps keeps the content on track for easy listening between Scotty’s Recharge plugs. Isn’t that how the show is supposed to be anyway?

  3. Yes Thanx Boveda … Ive dryed some skunk girls 6 day's in the closet then into boveda jars,,,,, man O 'Man it keeps stinkin better 62% is the Perfect smoke level to keep and smoke…… ill have to throw one in with my stratcaster………..Thank very much,,,,,Boveda,,,,and the DGC!!!

  4. I love the Boveda packets. One tip i got from Mr Canucks grow is to allow the bud to hang dry, then cure for the first week or two without the boveda packet in it. I use a small digital hygrometer inside of every jar and monitor the humidity daily as i burp the jars daily during this first week of cure. During the first couple of weeks of cure , depending on the buds in the jar, I would notice an increase in humidity by roughly 10%RH, after the first week or 2 of cure you will eventually see the RH in each jar begin to stabilize then eventually it will begin to drop if left too long without a boveda pack in. I like to put my boveda packs in the jar once i hit that point where fluctuations in RH are closer to 1-3% rather than 10%. I believe that this better helps the plant naturally remove its excess moisture/chlorophyll thats left, then once the plant has got rid of its excess, the packs help preserve and keep the buds at the stage their in at this point. Im a little stoned on some true colors OG i grew so i hope i didnt word this too fucked up. Love the show guyd

  5. I like playing around with the different size packs with different quantities. so say I'll put a smaller one in with the larger one.. 62%…example the ones recommended for an eighth of an ounce and then one that's recommended for an ounce or up to…….
    …3 oz in a Big mason jar and see what happens I've been finding 60% humidity kind of in between 58 and 62 right.😉. but that's my sweet spot… . But ultimately what you do before you put it in the jar is totally up to you 💯.AWESOME show.. got mixed up on the titles but we a GOTS 2for1… yes👍😎👍..
    DGC FOR LIFE 💯🇨🇦💨👍

  6. Another great episode i had just bought some boveda for my latest crop read good things and bad things as everything is out there i just thought for 10 for £10 whats everyones problem they either work or they dont and for £1 each to look after an oz of my hard work i think it was worth a go. Im only coming up 1 week of them being used but got lil hygrometers in there there to make sure they active everything spot on. I bought 62% and 58% currently using 58% as my dry room couldnt get any higher then 45/50% RH so though 58% would be ideal for this run. Infact im going to burp my jars now. Keep it up DGC stay safe stay lifted 💚👊🤘🤙💨

  7. 6 years ago eh,was cigar shop down from my vape shop its where i bought all my boveda packs,he musta been one of the early shops to get it,cuz was right at 6-7 years ago i believe,thought they were around longer then that,i love bud maintenance its huge part of my growing is maintaining it,growing 25 plants for personal,it gets alot shelf time before i get to it,even my internet name is based on a cigar/bud long storage device,and cultivar,magnum opus is a $800 cultivar,and a top end humidor,so seemed appropriate name for me

  8. i bought his first house lol,ive bought so many boveda packs over the years,id hate to even add em up,and i like the 62 to squish,and for keeping my top flower spongy,i work hard on my flowers,right after a cure at about month,in goes the boveda i use to maintain not to cure the buds

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