How Would Federal Cannabis Legalization (MORE Act) AFFECT YOUR STATE?

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  1. Don't be fooled people! This is strictly about BIG business taking over the industry and not about we the people. Guaranteed when this finally happens the beneficiaries will be big business. So demand this be passed without any big business advantages and you will find out just how fast this bill died. It's about power not us.

  2. Big pharma, alcohol and tobacco don't want weed to be legal. So they donate to McConnell and he blocks the Senate from voting on it. That needs to change. One person from one state shouldn't have the power to block things on a national level or in other states.

  3. Well let's see whats happens , (probably nothing) all them old goats in the senate especially Mitch McConnell got to go they still beleave in prohibition they will block the bill like always , let the public vote on legalization !!!!!!
    We need young blood in the senate to get full legalization in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. I have no hope for Wisconsin I give it a year and I’m moving. They make excuses that there’s not enough science and it’s not federally legal. Most of our state voted for it and wanted it and they never gave it to us. Our legal system likes locking our citizens in a loop where they lock them up and fine them, Wisconsin is over policing.

  5. I think that the Criminal Expungement and Paid Reform is what's stopping this from Passing. It should be focused on money in tax dollars as well as Justice for past run ins with the Law.

  6. I think if this passes. By 2030 we should have some really good ozs for just a bit over 100 or even some mids lower than that would be a crazy world to live in

  7. It would definitely be a blow to Governors ls riding that excuse that it's still federally illegal. I believe economic downturn may shape how quickly this things gets turned around and signed off.

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