How To Use Ladybugs On Cannabis Plants – Ladybug Care and Breeding

In this video we will go over how to use Lady Bugs as a natural pest control agent.. We will show you how to build a home for them and help them reproduce Live …


  1. Lady bugs is good luck I remember I was lock up an lady bugs in the summer time was making they way in the jail an I let 1 fly off the tip of my hand an made a wish to get outta jail an a couple days later I made Bond an came home 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  2. How could you even handle that many ladybirds, they absolutely stink as they release a yellow pyrazine-based substance from their knees! The stink is worse than anything you will ever encounter in your life as it is a smell that triggers a sense of extreme horror! Even the ugly larvae running around from these beetles are able to emit that terrifyingly horrific odour! The worst smell that I have ever encountered in my entire life is the from the ladybird right next to stink bug, shit, vomit, rotting rubbish in hot sun and skunk! If a small child gets sprayed with the yellow pyrazine when playing with a "cute ladybird", they would probably develop PTSD of all insects and spiders! When they infest a home, they stink up the entire place and smelling them while sleeping would invoke nightmares!

  3. So these are the people that let these nasty pest loss for their gains so they don’t have to uses pesticides, For the people that have to live with this mess inside of are homes and are allergic to I hope your happy and all your crops die. I have to clean up millions of these invasive spices that not supposed to be in this country in the first place. For your precious plants, I hope your happy to make others people miserable where do you think these nasty ladybug go for the winter mouths in colder States. You asshole.

  4. Thanks for the info man! had this problem where i would release hundreds and only a few would last after 3 days like you said. I am going to try this method

  5. I use to put small house lizards/geckos in my grow closet. I swear i didn't see any bugs after doing that and surprisingly they didn't eat any leaves or any part of the plant. I guess their were so many bugs to eat that it didn't bother with eating any greens.

  6. There goes my idea about using them in flower. I'm dealing with mite poop now, it's gross. Last thing I need is more insect poop. I'm thinking of pure crop 1 instead. Any thoughts.

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