How to Use an Instant Pot: Pro-Tips to Help you Master Electric Pressure Cooking

If you feel overwhelmed by your new Instant Pot–I am here to help. This video will walk you through the basics of using your Instant Pot so you can feel confident …

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  1. Great video Kristen. I've had my IP (6 qt.) for about two years now and your details were spot on. When it comes to cooking I have two left hands in the kitchen. However, between you and others there are a lot of YouTube video recipes for just about anything you want to cook in the IP. The IP and my mini waffle maker are pretty much my two favorite appliances not counting the stove. BTW I do cook steak, chicken and turkey in my IP without thawing first (5 minutes per pound), and then to brown it on the outside I use the oven's broiler for just a few minutes a side with a little butter coating (optional), comes out great every time. Regardless, cooking with the IP is easy because while its cooking you can walk away from it, and this goes for pot in pot cooking or cooking from scratch. I find my IP cuts down on messes, the IP is easy to clean and we all know stainless steel is sanitary, so for me is the best of both worlds. But regardless you can never forget that all important at least 1 cup of water or 1.5 cups of broth or my favorite, home made bone broth. Happy holidays to you and your family….

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