How to Transition Your Plants Into Flower – Cannabis Grow Guide Week 9

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  1. in the title you talk about transition into flower and all you show is bad ass buds. so this title is really missleading! It`s basically allways the same with u professional growers. You just show badass buds to impress us but how to get there will almost never be mentioned… too sad

  2. I have to keep my plants small since i have 1 400metalhalide and a space of 4×4. So i top 2 times on each plant then i lst asap so the branches grow out and many tops will form. Healthy buds and healthy harvest. Clones before flower of course.

  3. 👋! I’ve watched many of your videos and have learned from most of them. I have trouble with this one as you don’t tell us how to tell by sight, when to start the flowering. Please try again. Thanks

  4. Almost switched your video off when you had the intermission in the middle of your video and the music changed. Maybe if you kept the music the same during that transition it would seem less like the end of a video. Love your stuff, cheers

  5. I flushed one of my soil plants down to 2 to 300 ppm cause I needed to change from veg nutrient to bloom nutrient once I got the ppms down I put 500 ppms in feeding the plant then checked the runoff and the ppms still came out to 2 to 300 ppms should I just wait or should I mix another gallon of the nutrients and feed again ?

  6. I hang a 150w heat emitter in the path of my inlet fan. Those you would buy for lizard or a snake. Works really well maintaining my temp at around 74-77 with the lights off. You can experiment with 50w 100w or 150w emitters or two if your rooms really cold

  7. I need honest answers.. What's better blurple lights like KIND or phlizon, white/yellow spectrum QBs like mars hydro TSW2000w or HLG .. Or cree cobs with individual red/blue/white dilodes like optic 4 or phlizon cree cob 2000w.. I own all 3.. Any help lmk

  8. Please keep this all going, as a beginner grower, you have helped me in every stage of growing, i've gone from a knowing next to nothing, to feeling comfortable in growing all my little babys. Thank you boss!!

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