How to Smoke Weed the RIGHT Way.

In this video I give a small tutorial on how to smoke, how to do smoke tricks such as the ghost inhale and french inhale as well as how to use a bong. My socials: …


  1. I've been smoking since I was 21, I am now 69. I quit for a few years in 93 because I was spending way too much money & cldn't get high anymore. 2001 I started again. I believe in the health benefits, as yet mostly untapped because big pharma spends billions lobbying to keep it a schedule 1 narcotic along side herione. Insane! But I digress, now that my state has legalized medical, I'm again in that weird place that I can't get high. Helps my BP, but not even munchies. Ergo being the open minded old person I am, decided to Google how to smoke weed! Found your very informative video and smoked with you! Thank you, I learned something and am happily high! Lavender Jones. Nice! And your accent is awesome as others have mentioned. Jamaican?

  2. I used to mix Black & Mild pipe tobacco with my smok to make it last longer but now I just use CBD Bud which is basically just weed that doesn't have THC in it that you can buy at the store it's much better now

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