1. I don't even smoke weed but it's very cool to see how far it's come in the past few years. It's out of the shadows and black- market(for the most part) and helping countless people's quality of life. I honestly think they should just do this with most drugs. The war on drugs is a fundamentally flawed endeavour in my opinion. They might as well legalize or at least decriminalize all drugs and stimulate the country's economic growth. If people want a drug, they're always going to figure out a way to get it. Legalization IMO is the smarter route to quell crime and stigma associated with them.

  2. Great video!!! 18 yr smoker, been buying medical for over a year here in IL… This tought me something. He is right it's not always THC…. One of my favorites is Pre 98 Bubba its like 10% to 25% THC to CBD ratio… It's a great strain… He's spot on with the smell…. Here in IL we have to buy it and its sealed so we cant smell we just have to take a chance… That's what I stick to what I know. GSC, anything Cresco, Cherry Gorilla, Katsu Bubba Kush, Mag Landrace, Huckleberry Kush

  3. He made a point I had never really considered. He said if you don't like the smell and taste you won't have a good experience. I tried girl scout cookies because everyone talked about how great it was. I don't like thin mints and I didn't like the taste. Others found that particular sample to be potent and fun. Me, I was "high" but not happy is the best I can explain. It's like me and that strain don't have an affinity. Anyone else had a similar experience?

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