How to make Cannabis Shatter at home: An EASY step-by-step guide

Ever wondered how to make cannabis shatter from home? This is a quick and easy guide to making Cannabis Shatter for aspiring home extractors or medical …


  1. I’ve been letting my mix evaporate for almost two days I can notice the levels getting lower but I’m not at the step to where I can start scraping do you know why this might be?

  2. So i have a jar of everclear that i have consistently been pouring my grinder keif into for the last month if i keep this up another month or 2 how good of a shatter can i get by using this process ive never really dabbled in concentrates except for making tincture so trying to learn some new tegridy

  3. I've try but the only thing I get at the end its like a powder, but I think it's cause i haven't use a Pyrex plate (I've use and inox one) and maybe cause I have use to much alcohol (3oz for 10grams maybe less), can u help me to figure it out and do it the rigth way?

  4. So I’ll be using bud for this, how much alcohol would I need to use for 7grams. I’m trying to start small since this is my first time. I’ve read through all the comments but I was wondering what would happen if I soak it for at least an hour? I’m going to try to make gummies out of it. I’m wanting the strongest thc possible because my boyfriend said edibles don’t faze him 🥴

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  6. successive water washes gives you a product with far less chlorophyll, while cannabinoids and terpenes are not water-soluble. Just put some (5-6) drops of water in a gram, mix it well, let it sit for a while, decant the water, then you can absorb the remaining water with a bit of high-cellulose (toilet for instance) paper, do not touch the good stuff as it will stick to the paper. you can decant and then put it in the freezer 5', the good stuff gets harder making it easier to separate from the water, which it wouldn't be frozen yet, you'll see that water turns kind of greenish-gray, repeat process until water goes out clean, most of the chlorophyll and other unwanted water soluble stuff gets out. it improves the flavor, kind of a lot if did properly, I did the same with the acetone washes.
    water also helps to remove traces of isopropanol and acetone, it would be like the final step actually 😀

  7. The alcohol sucks up all the good stuff in just a few seconds? sounds crazy is that true? Ive heard of others keeping alcohol and weed together for a week or two to get it all out..

  8. 3rd and last comment, does more thc get extracted the longer you soak/is thc left on the plant if you only soak for say 15 seconds? In the video it looks like you got about 1500x more yield from the 5min soak vs 15sec

  9. So I just got a qp of some super super cheap flower just to try this. It's not like some Mexican brick weed but its outdoor and was ridiculously cheap. I'm going to order 99%iso from Amazon I think, but I have a few questions. 1) is the yield typically more using this method or using a rosin press? 2)is the yield higher the longer it soaks? 3) can I do a short soak into one dish and then re-soak the same flower for longer into another dish?

  10. Hello i have a question, now when i make butter i bake the weed in the oven at the lowest temp just to decarb it ( releases the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids.) would i do the same for the shatter ?

  11. Isn't there any risk of having alcohol in your shatter because you didn't boil it? And what's the main difference between the light and the darker shatter? Thanks.

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