How To: Graft Marijuana – Multiple Strains on a Single Cannabis Plant

In Full Compliance With NRS 453a, 18+ As Always… This video talks about how and why to graft Medical Marijuana. Some things that should be mentioned.


  1. Good video, try using 6 lb fishing line instead of duct tape which has contaminants within the glue hindering the graft. Also use some moist paper towel wrapped around graft point with tin foil over it to keep it just moist, this will encourage faster repair. Some use plastic over the tin foil but with marijuana stem this might mold, something you have to again experiment with. I'd pick the base mom with the largest transport system hole. Strain does not move backwards so no cross contamination, if anything you might get bigger buds from a large transport mom topped by different strains.

  2. I acquired a plant from an old roommate. He didnt know the strain. It is growing vigorously, but I noticed something strange I have never seen before. It has leaves growing with the typical 5 blades, some with 3, and some that are just a single blade. Is this normal? Do some strains do that? Is it a mutant? Someone please tell me what you think. I have no idea!

  3. hi ,, you will get a higher success rate if you cut at a steeper angle and split the main plant instead trying to cut the fibers to fit. then wrap with sterile gauss then wrap with tape, use a syringe to soak the gauss then put the bag on , the more surface contact the better

  4. How does that work with nutrients and such? Isn't there a possibility that one of the genetics will be getting too much or too little light/humidity/fertilizer/water? Not to mention the different durations of their flowering photo period?

  5. When I grafted tomato plants, I put them in a dark place so that they would put more energy into taking the graft instead of photosynthesis. I was grafting heirlooms onto more disease resistant root stock. I was thinking this would be a great tool for people who want to grow buds outdoors but have to put up with shorter growing seasons and rain.

  6. As for the drift. I don't understand how it could pick up the mother plants genetics. It has to. If your grafting on to that mother plant wouldn't it be feeding off the nutrients in the mother plant by connecting to it to stay alive? Soooo in theory it would have to get SOME of the mother plants at least some. It'd still be dominantly blue dream but it would have no choice but to pick up some of the girl scout cookies. Noticeably or not.

  7. Why not just use grafting tape tho I get it makes perfect sense to do this ya have one mother sorta nurturing all your statins it’s a great ideal an I have enough common sense to get that keeping it in a constant state of veg never letting it flower keeps any real genetics from transferring but to go thru all this an use duct tape I mean I’ve seen some southern folk pull some pretty ingenious crap off with duct tape aka Afro engineering I know it’s not PC but ya catch my drift but why not do it with some tape intended to repair plants an to add graphs an what not an when ya do remove it there won’t be such a bond with the tape that your tearing your graph damn near off at least that’s my two cents worth of advise for $5 at almost any store yay sells fertilizer or a garden store would have this green colored tape that bonds to its self only pretty much an you just run the tape a lil lower on the branch an Lil higher on the graph to hold it all in place an ya can just leave it be for an a longer period cause the tape is breathable an when time to remove comes right off

  8. Grafting works awesome for doing a sizeable random bag seed grow. As soon as your males become recognized, chop the whole plant off leaving a stem without nodes coming from the soil. Snip branches off your identified females and graft them right to the male root stock… Bam! instant all female grow, you still have the number of plants you started with. And is much faster then cloning because the roots already exist and you didn't just throw them away.

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