How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Plants [PM]

Dealing with PM on your plants? Learn how to identify, kill, and prevent Powdery Mildew on Cannabis plants both indoors and outside. Join the Club ➡️ search, …


  1. Awesome vid!..Great info!!..Just watched a different grower talking about owning your mistakes, as well as your successes.. pretty cool… we can learn from others mistakes and successes and possibly avoid them, or be better prepared to deal with them. I came here because i spotted PM on one plant…about a week from harvest..=]separated it from the others…and in the process of trimming it up better and treating it. Cheers All!!😁💨💨💨

  2. Brother I’m totally a member for life now. Thanks for all your help.
    So I watched this video quickly after finding powder mold on all my plants from clones, veg and flower. I totally missed the part where you said not to do it if they’re in flower. Brother they are only three weeks in flower right now when I sprayed them… using the 60/40 milk btw. Idfkw!
    Should I scrap em and cut my losses on those or do you think they’ll be alright.
    I refuse to grow sub par medicine so you say strap em and I scrap ‘em. Thanks again brother. I’ll be using the neem oil religiously.

  3. I’m getting bud rot on my first plant ever & it’s getting to the main stem buds… what do I do? Harvest it all? I’m pretty sure the whole plant will rot up soon I never really thought mildew would be an issue …

  4. Great edit, obviously an intelligent long time grower.. Been growing my whole life, just came across PM for the first time… Thanks for the help and advice and excellent video big homie!

  5. Never bring outdoor plants indoors into a tent. I did this and I brought in powdery mildew and bugs. Once this grow is over I gotta sanitize my entire tent and equipment. Live and you learn.

  6. Only after harvesting, Washing the buds after cut is definitely a good idea and then use a final rinse soaking for 6 minutes with homemade Colloidal Silver at least 10ppm, and then dry , it will definitely kill mold spores and any fungus or Rot and keep the mold spores from growing back on the leaves and buds, during its drying time, and the silver after drying is definitely not toxic, could possibly help on long-term storage in jars, maybe no burping required? since the nanoparticles of silver will protect and conserve, just saying? 😷✌️

  7. Do you use dish soap with the milk/ water solution? Also, my girls are in the last month of flowering, can I even treat them at this point or am I risking bud rot? They are outdoor, but I am diligent when it comes to rain etc.

  8. My plant on the blooming stage can I still apply any of this? I was going for the milk and water but I'm debating

    This shit work I just did it Use Milk and Water.. But Do I Leave It On As A COAT or Rinse It Off ??

  9. Im only 4 weeks away from harvest and the leaves just became overwhelmed with powdery mildew! Should I bother spraying? Buds are huge and it literally just happened over last week or so! What shall I do? Will that shit effect taste?

  10. I can attest that I had one round with Cookies N' Chem where they survived unscathed when two other strains I had got hit. The person I acquired those clones from ditched every strain he had when he got powdery mildew so, I do not have my hands on Cookies N' Chem at this time. However, if I did, I would feel confident enough to inoculate a whole crop of that strain with PM and, I wouldn't worry at all. In my opinion, if you can't inoculate a plant with PM without it getting sick, it's genetics are worthless .

  11. I either slap the plant with my dick to rid it of pm, or I just dry it and smoke it. Not really sure if the slapping of the plant with the penis thing works or not though…. I’ll try your options.

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