How to Decarboxylate Cannabis With or Without a DecarBox

Decarboxylation is the process of heating up your cannabis to approximately 250 F or 120 C so the cannabinoids change from their acid form, that they are in at …


  1. can you put stems and only stems in the decar box and will it have the same effect on it or will it actually pull the thc out the stems ? basically what I tryna say is. Will the box extract the thc from the stems of cannabis ?

  2. This has got to be the BEST video I have found for decarboxylating my trim. Thanks very much for making this, it’s inspired me to make a container of my own, a Pyrex dish covered in foil with a small hole for my probe thermometer. I just hope it works. Thanks again! Good wishes to you!

  3. so you should wait until your box reaches 250 before you start your timer? I had trouble with this step. Because it took forever for the herb to get back to 250 and it never actually reached 250….. so I didn’t know if I should keep it in or take it out

  4. I think the thermometer that came with my decarb box seems off. I've used it several times now, but only did the calibration the first time. I also didn't realize until watching this video that I was supposed to wait until the temp in the box was 250F to start the timer. Today the temp reading in the decarb box was only 213 after 30 minutes and now after an hour it's only gotten to 240. Does it usually take so long for the temp in the box to reach target? Worried about cooking too long.

  5. Hello! I used the machine and it worked amazing but now I’m concerned that 250 degrees might be too high? When I look around I see a lot of “225” and “240 at the most” does the decarb-box help with that extra heat? Or is this based on magical butter trials?

  6. Aside from really enjoying your accent I definitely like the technical dialogue in this video. I would love to see you guys do something that doesn't include a commercial unit like a magical butter machine. Great information though!

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