How to deal with Spider mites, Russet mites, Fungus gnats, and Thrips for cannabis plants.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on diagnosing and treating cannabis plants. In this video we look at treating bugs on cannabis plants…everything form the …


  1. Ya In Canada we are screwed with these products they are likely Banned! Ffs the Government won’t even allow “Neam Oil” like come on! And no longer “Avid” is allowed either, this was the most effective Mite killer, imo, anyways great job on your grows,

  2. its very cringe weird strange when people roll n smoke on youtube! spidermites are biggest problem in usa cannabis. you just cant get rid of them.spidermites are in the soil i buy everywhere!! expensive ass soil 40 bucks a bag promix i spray 50/50 mix distilled water n 70% alchhol. on buds cant use neem oil when budding will ruin buds tastes and black smoke terrible shit! dish soap plain no sents. achhol drops of lemon oil neem oil if in early stage growing. bugs are worse than thieves!! these bugs must be high as fuck just having sex multipling eating bud 24/7 staying high and screwing the farmer and all the lady bugs! satan has also made or created many creatures ! people are unaware of this hes even created evil souless men in gods image giants that father flooded and destroyed. spidermites are diffinetely from hell satans spawn!! you half to go hydro even then people get them somehow! but far greater chance of avoiding them! soil pot tastes so much better though! so much easier to care for and way less expensive hydro kits are crazy expensive can make them self for 1/10 price. diatomacious earth powder! not during flower though in flower only use soil not plant. tons of neem oil. but you taste neem oil in bud! dam im stoned rambling piece out 420 homies

  3. I found a huge praying mantis on my plant. First I threw it away, but then I researched it… The guy's a pesticide soldier and won't harm the plant at all… so I put it back on the plant.

  4. put your plant in bag…. smoke it like bacon then lift bag after 30min in smoke
    do that 3 nightss in row and tell me that something is left there?

  5. Sticky traps? Really? You're recommending slow release poison that tends to stick to leaves, hair, and clothing. Why not use àpple cider/balsalmic vinegar traps, punch holes in a mason jar lid, they fly in and die. Oh and gnats are always a problem of over watering. Just water with a spray bottle for the first month. Your intentions are good but your perception is very commercialized… Mosquito bites dude, really? Put poison in your medium. I'm sure your stuff comes out suuuper smooth tasting. If you want some suggestions to your methods please email me.

  6. TweetMint plant wash is an awesome enzyme based formula with no harsh chemicals.
    I dip all of my clones in a light dilution of 1-2 oz. (2-4 TBS) per gallon of h20 before I start rooting in my cloner.
    I also use the same dilution for keeping my plants clean and on everything that comes into my grow space. This dilution will take care of any Spider mites, Russet mites, aphids and PM (molds)/ fungus, fungus nats etc. Nothing on the market compares.
    It’s Super concentrated and affordable.
    You can get it through Safe Solutions website, BuildASoil, Grow Generation, Grow Green, and Amazon,etc. love your video’s and content.

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