1. I have a potted plant that I been growing from seed and almost 6 months old now idk if I should cut it down yet I don't have a jeweler mag. First time. Its got Huge Colas. Have I waited too long? It's a photo period grown outdoors .

  2. I watched hundreds of videos and this one is number one by far because of its simplicity it’s time frame day by day week by week month by month and what to expect for beginner growers keep up the good work keep learning and passing on the information down to the young bucks. Peace to the burning bush from biblical times and today.
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  3. Ive been growing a plant for about 2 months and its just growing and no signs of creating a bud how long more do i need
    Its outside in the ground so all it gets its water and sunlight…do i need to add more stuff

  4. I’m doing a few plants of Incredible Bulk. I’ve 6 under 2 HLG600 R . So far so good 32 days into no problems so far ( cross ur phalanges) lolThanks for the Gumball Minnie

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