This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Mr. Canucks Grow. Harvest of the Peppermint Kush from Barneys Farm. We go over the drying process of my indoor …


  1. they dont sell gaija in the usa i aint seen it i use fox farm and roots organics ,i just ordered barneys farm auto and fastbuds auto seeds a glue gelato and cream cookies only got what i could afford i found the best bak ever they shipped it the next day they say within 2 days they ship they came through shot North Atlantic Seed Co here in the usa

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  3. Dude Matt. Nice to see some of your first stuff. I’m harvesting a shit load of autos I grew all organic using dr earth but ur same formula about twelve plants my first run wish I could send u pics. 😀. Thanks for all the great videos ! Tc. And best of luck dude

  4. Matt, I have another question bro…you harvest based only off time, or do you microscope the trichromes too? I'm days away from my first harvest and cure…kinda sketched…any advise??

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