How Can I Help Legalize Cannabis? What you can do to help with cannabis legalization.

New Article on CLN on how you can help legalize cannabis. One of the most asked questions I get asked is “How can I help legalize it (marijuana or cannabis as …


  1. What if we start a trend to legalize, to the point where it’s on main stream media and annoying everyone, teenagers spray painting “federally legalize cannabis” to the point where everyone starts talking like yea every one smokes anyway. I can’t believe in voting because if it were true cannabis would be legal already.

  2. Don't hate on all Kentuckians. 🙂 Being a cannabis smoking, gay, blue dot in a sea of red is tough. I do live in one of the blue cities though, but it doesn't help when the rest of the state always votes against their own best interests. I proudly vote against Moscow Mitch (and truthfully, pretty much every Republican) every chance I get. I just hope that GA can pull a win for us!

    CREATORS 'healing' warrior.
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    I wrecked 08-30-2008.
    I have been trying to tell everyone that I returned because EARTH needs restored by growing HEMP.
    HEMP will rejuvenate the soil, restore the atmosphere, boost economy, create CARBON free fuel, create BIO-DEGRADABLE PLASTICS. It will 'heal' earth.

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