1. I’m from Canada and I remember when I was in high school I was smoking at the park with the boys and the cops came by and took our dope and smashed my bong. Now that it’s legal I always like to smoke a joint by the cop shop to rub it in

  2. Cannabis was outlawed to prevent it from reaching industrial pinnacle, but after a centuries loss of innovation, hemp processing industries are expected to see a renaissance of innovation!

    Hello! I’m a 19 year old horticulture student passionate about cosmic cultivation, colonization, and industrial hemp and horticulture innovation!

    Founded on 4/20/2020, The Initiative for Martian Hemp Industrialization (I.M.H.I.) exists to advocate the research, cultivation, and utilization of Cannabis sativa (hemp) and the hypothetical subspecies Cannabis cosmicus in space exploration to sustainably and independently produce tens of thousands of resources across industries on Mars and its moons as the foundation for a self-sustaining Martian society. If hemp’s versatility is utilized in cosmic colonization efforts, a subsequent renaissance of industrial horticulture and hemp innovation will maximize yields and prosperity in civilizations on Earth, Mars, between, and beyond.

    If you’d like to learn more about utilizing cosmic factors to maximize yields, the Initiative for Manned Venusian Atmospheric Residency Research and Innovation of Hemp Industries (I.M.V.A.R.R.I.H.I.), a theoretical subspecies of cannabis (hemp) known as Cannabis cosmicus, or the Initiative for Martian Hemp Industrialization (I.M.H.I.) in general, check it out on my site! https://www.imhi.space
    the key reasons why we need to grow hemp on Mars is the quality, quantity, viability, and versatility of terrestrial cannabis sativa (hemp) biomass yields, and the singularity of potential Cannabis cosmicus has for Martian and cosmic colonization efforts alike.

  3. Man I just now realized just now how even more ridiculous our politics are. Mitch McConnell has been a senator for 36 years. He has had 7 terms. Just boggles the mind why unlimited terms limits are even allowed.

  4. The only drawback to Designated Survivor, is that there is an entire list of people who would assume the Presidency. And it doesn't end with people in DC. There are district judges from every state ranked by seniority and junior district judges, etc. So it could be, for example, the eastern district federal Judge for Champaigne, Illinois (made up title). But they'd be something like 2,323rd in line of succession.

  5. Idk who needs to hear this, but the federal government isn't doing this because they all of a sudden have a good heart. They're doing this because enough states are nullifying the federal legislation. The federal government is trying to get ahead so they can tax it, plain and simple.

  6. So with this decriminalization bill, will testing positive on a drug test for weed still hinder you from getting a job or would you be in the clear? I've been curious since this bill has been passed.

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