1. Most doctors are not experts.
    I’ve had them google my diagnosed genetic condition in front of me.
    Most have no clue and in Australia where I live, despite medicinal cannibas being legal, there is so much red tape making it almost impossible to prescribe and even if they are, they don’t feel comfortable without having training which is difficult for them to do.
    When you do finally get it prescribed, we get the choice of oil only. No lineaments, no vape liquid, no edibles, no flower (bud) to smoke… etc. and definitely no nano CBD like Tommy Chong is endorsing.
    No one wants to get us citizens healthy here… they’d rather us support the pharmaceutical companies and die in pain and poor and suffer in the process.
    It’s fucked up, any way you look at it.
    Have you got room for one Aussie chick in the US? Lol 😂
    Tommy come save me!! 💚🌱💨✌️

  2. His products seem to be totally legit, nano technology for drops under the tongue is the way to go for cbd oil delivery and absorption for those consumers who don't want to smoke or vapor inhale it.

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