Hippocratic Government DEA Makes CBD Oil Schedule 1 Drug!

Originally published on Dec 23, 2016 by Ben Swann Ben Swann Reports: “Reality Check: DEA Absolutely Wrong In Making CBD Oil Schedule 1 Drug, Why the …


  1. What is the DEA doing now understand what they go out there CBD because they cut it with isolate according to a California doctor CBD isolate is very dangerous CBD isolate is the same thing as CBD but it's a dangerous compound but even elated to cannabis even though it's the same compound it is isolate them cutting it with that's why the DA's going after CBD

  2. heroin has medical value, after all hospitals us it all the time for injuries and pain. LSD has medical value in extremely low doses (microdoses) for depression and ADHD. Ecstasy is being used in treatment of PTSD and other therapeutic reasons. Cannabis, well I'd be here all day if I listed what it can do for people. Drugs are ambivalent, they're just tools and tools can be misused or utilized.

  3. We all know that the non Government agency" FEDS "are running things in Washington for many moons and will denied us all that is beneficial to humanity. Laws are being pass to benefits big Pharma and representative in DC. They been getting away with crimes against humanity and by GOD it's now will change. GOD SPEED.

  4. I think you mean hypocrite or hypocritic NOT Hippocratic as those are two very, very different things. Hippocrates is a proper name for a person who existed and gave us the Hippocratic Oath. Have a good day 😉

  5. Should make chemical pills illegal and arrest all the unconscionably greedy big pharma execs.Put them in jail and make them take 5-6 different kinds of their own pills,everyday.

  6. I am sorry but I did my dirt when I served 8 years in the military and for me to be back in my own country to be dictated and told how to breathe, eat, or shit is not my country that I fought for.

  7. DEA = government (to control)
    This wonderful government is just so fond of the flourishing of the American people. If you think the government is a group of good people then consider yourself to be admitted into a psychiatric or psychological Hospital.

  8. Schedual 1 is reserved for non medicinal drugs , since marijuana has been wrongfully classified Schedual 1 , and since it's been proven to have many medicinal uses , why can't we American citizens sue the government , in a class action , for defrauding we Americans , for the past 80 years ? My daughter is living proof of its medicinal value , she's alive today because of weed , her doctor prescribes it to her ( unofficially , its not legal here ) to relieve cranial pressure , from her hydrocephalis . My wife took her off of 3 psychotropic drugs ( fda approved ) by making her smoke pot , allowing her to laugh for the first time in 2 years . When the doctor was informed of this , he said he'd call back , when he did , he informed us that he had found her problem , because of the fact that weed relieves cranial pressure . He put a stint in her head , that week , allowing the natural flow of fluids to drain , which were blocked . Had she not used weed , he would never have thought to check for the disease , he hadn't in 2 years , and shed have died .

  9. Now they past a cbd drug from gw pharmaceutical that does the same thing with no thc which we know how well there crap drugs work. I need a law firm to sue them.

  10. Hey government phucker up mother fuckers and kiss my ass. You mother fuckers need to be locked up for trying to control people till this day. This government reminds me of the other mother fuckers that came into my ancestors land and told them all in Spanish with no hope of understanding the death sentences they was being read. So once again phucker up mother fuckers and kiss my RED ASS

  11. I am a business owner and my store was raided and I was arrested and charged with 9 counts of distribution of schedule 1

    All I had was non phyco active cbd oil.
    That’s does not get you high and not addictive.

  12. Guess what other oil they're saying is bad for us now? COCONUT OIL!! BECAUSE THEY LOSE MILLIONS FROM THAT NATURAL PRODUCT TOO!!
    ITS RIDICULOUS!! Its all pharmaceutical companie's fault that we are all dying at earlier ages! Their antibiotics are in all the food too! Shame on them

  13. This video was made before 2017. The Government under *President Donald J. Trump, just made Hemp legal in the USA. Shouldn't be a problem now, since Hemp is used to make CBD Oil.
    Update on the situation hopefully this year will be promising.

  14. Actually, Heroin, medically known as DiacetylMorphine or DiaMorphine HAS Medical Value.
    The NHS, which is the UK's Medical Insurance System have been using Diacetylmorphine in Hospitals for a long time now. In fact, Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) is just another Opioid…and everyone knows that across the world people's pain is treated with Opiates and Opioids…
    The only difference between Heroin (Diamorphine) or Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) or Morphine, is that it's slightly more potent and more efficient!

    Therefore, when treating End-Of-Life Pain and Kidney Stones, there's no equal. I think that makes it have "some" medicinal value…

    P.S: Go ahead and bash my comment all you want, Heroin Haters, it won't change the Facts.
    Even if I am for the legalization of all Drugs, it doesn't mean I want Heroin to be used outside of hospitals…at least not un-responsibly…

  15. Do u know why??? the DEA wants to make it elillegal so they can keep it to their selves don't u know when they bust people for weed they keep it and party with it!!! it's dirty what the law does NO COUNT

  16. Herion is the best pain killer honestly tooth aches head aches cold pain feaver pain any pain is gone with that stuff it even helps with sleeping better then most pills the down side is it's addicting part and it could help with bi poler are manic depression are make this worse depending on how you take things I can see in about 20 years scientist will make it not addicting

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