High quality Hash oil using methanol part 2 of 10

Making a high quality marijuana hash oil similar to honey oil using methanol or methyl hydrate instead of the much more expensive butane method that is most …


  1. I want to use butane due to the better fractionating. But i wants to make basicall what you made then run it up in a water chilled distillation under vacuo. To degass the methanol and collect CBD, Terpened and THc fractions in seperate recieving flask

  2. Well to me, your assumptions are wrong. You obviously don't understand what's going on in this process. Any alcohol extraction is going to leach a certain amount of chlorophyll. Ice cold methanol which is used here will leach the least chlorophyll. By evaporating in stages and separating it out, the chlorophyll falls out of solution first and can be removed, leaving the later stages of evaporation to be high quality oil as stated in the title.

  3. To me, the green color is because you let it soak too long and the chlorophyll leached out of the plant material. Your title says high quality, but it sure leaves something to be desired

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