Harvesting my Jack Herer from Canuk Seeds

It took 73 days of the 12/12 light cycle , but my Jack Herer from Canuk Seeds is finally done. She spent a couple days in a dark tent, then got cut and hung up to …


  1. Grammy I care for your well being and with that said something looks really off with those buds , I don't think its safe to use ! Because I care for your well being just send it to me and I will properly dispose of it so everyone stays healthy. Again just looking out for you brother …….

    OK for real those buds look amazing, I really wish the internet would hurry up and add smells to videos, Keep up the content brother !

  2. Awesome job!
    I'm about to start feminized jack herer from canuk seeds hope she turns out as sweet as yours did!
    Also starting the cheese and canuk cookies
    Have you tried other seeds from this company before?
    Anyways keep up the good work looking forward to more videos

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