1. Were you able to count the total amount of seeds you created with the critical kush from one plant? Seems very simple,
    very easy method to create feminized seeds, Also,How long was your grow and flower phase for the finished critical kush that you pollinated? I heard some people say that when the sacs began to burst, to cut the branch or stem and place it in a cup of water surrounded by aluminum foil to catch the pollen when falling? what's your comments on this approach?

  2. I SEE that you stated you receive  plenty of seeds, that should last a long time!lol the crazy thing is that you said you only pollinated a couple of branches? if you can, can you break down how many branches you pollinated and the results.- It seems as if to get a good results I only need to mist a couple branches.

  3. what's your opinion? do you think I should Mist half a plant and collect pollen and let it pollinate it-self or should I spray the whole plant and just collect the pollen to create a new strain? 

  4. Depending on how much you spray etc will make the plant area have more pollen sacks then bud sites or pollen sacks and female flowers cant say for sure because im jist learning but I think its how much u spray them I got a little carried away at first spraying them because I was not patient for the pollen sacks. So some of the plat has just pollen sacks some have pollen sacks and female flowers

  5. That shpuld be perfect 5 gallon will work great I have a little tent im using and was working with autos so the sites for seeds because of me using half gallon containers but sounds like u have a good plan.

  6. Right when I threw them into flower started spraying untill I saw the pollen sacks form. Then you just wait for the pollen to break open and can use a little bruch etc to collect the pollen or use 2 tweezers and pull the little bannana like pollen sacks apart and get the pollen that way

  7. I am learning here, so for pollination, you basically misted the bottom branches just before flowering start and going into flowering correct(or when the buds began to form?)? Also I see that you stated that you should have used 1 gallon pots, do you think a 5 gallon would be to much? my goal is to collect pollen to pollinate a different strain to create a new strain, also I don't mind if the plant that I mist pollinates it-self because that's another opportunity to grow the same strain. do you think there is a high percentage that the plant will pollinate it-self and create seeds, or for safe measures do the same exact as you did?

  8. Yeah started out with 2 critical kush females and used the coll spray on both. I sprayed the one plant more because I wasnt sure on how much to spray them and it had more pollen sacs then the other, then jus pollinated the one critical kush which had pollen sacks on it to so ended up pollinating itself also plus the pollen I put on it. My auto purple kush seeds are on there way should of used 2gal pots or atleast a gallon.

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