Hamstring Intensive Stretch Routine (ft. Green Infused Enhanced CBD Spray)

Flow with me. This practice is designed to improve hamstring flexibility. Green Infused sponsored this video. 10% Discount: “FWA-10” Click HERE: …


  1. As an ex martial artist and now in my 50s, I'm finding your work extremely helpful. Knee injuries and a shoulder problem hinder some of the exercises, but I love what you are doing. Thank you for your help.

  2. I just did the yoga for runner and was wondering if you can do a full "on your belly" flow kinda like the end of the runner video and kinda like the lower back release video but instead of being on the back we will be on the belly. hope you see what I 'am trying to say. And thanks for your videos they are really amazing !!

  3. Yoga vuol dire
    Unire l anima allo spirito.
    Ogni giorno e nottex havere
    La vita eterna nella pacem..
    L esercizio fisico en
    Solo un supporto tonificante
    L esercizio fa bene ma e lo spirito di dio amore. ke suggerisce all anima o al maestro insegnante
    Xke maestro e solo uno lo spirito.m□
    Se ti puo servire altro non posso..
    Non e facile da autodidatta
    Ma neanke impossibile..
    Se lo sai riconoscere in te
    Esso e puro..qindi.vedi te..☆
    Ki devi pregare

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