1. I had an power outage cause of the hurricane irma , no power for a full week (6 days) so I had to feed it window light , when the power came back on the plant was nearly dead and couldn't even stand on its own with crutches , two days later running 24/0 and the plant is thriving and standing back on its own

  2. I had my plant in a pot for 2 months now and wanting to know when I should start my topping process.  also I need to know when will it start budding.  the plant looks good and is a little tall, but it just sprouts out two leaves at a time.  should I cut my light off and start my 18-on and 6-off cause the light bill is getting a little high.

  3. Lookin` good. Give this baby some miracle grow and you will observe bomb ass growth during the vegetative cycle; this will translate to a boom in yield for this young sprout!

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