Growing marijuana trees, auto flower update week 7

Week 7 of our auto flower grow, Green House Seeds versus Crop King Seeds. We popped 4 Green House and 5 Crop King and as of today we have 2 Green …


  1. Top your plants more so you don't just end up with a bunch of peckerpolls.start watching subcools weednerd or remo's grow room video's and follow there growing/topping techniques cause your room looks really bad.and for the money your spending you need to be doing things properly.its fundamental to not get into the mindset that your way is the right way for you.thats just an excuse to accept a substandard grow that costs just as much as a grow that's running right. you should be pulling 24-30oz's per thousand watt bulb.

  2. Those plants are suffering from severe neglect.and you have way to much wind blowing around.air flow is important but your going overkill and damaging them.first thing turn your fans way down.running coco has to be treated similar to when your using have to add cal-mag at 80-100 ppm's.i just see with the amount of expierence you have that there's no way you
    Should be having a room looking that bad.take some pointers from your boy bubbleman cause his plants look quite healthy.also there is no way a haze cross will have any chance of finishing before the 2nd week of November.more than likely it will be destroyed by botrytis

  3. hey john what do u do for work these days??, just wondering after your work place fall u had.. .. your in a good place at the moment, your aura is strong, u seem content and happy…. it shows in your vids..  love your vids your a kind hearted no bullshit nature ..

  4. hey john you rock!!! Please check out my channel i grew some crop kings auto's that turned out awesome!! I would love a long time growers opinion on my grow! Thanks  

  5. GDay mate i was just wondering why you grow your plants so small,skinny & unattractive?They are quite ugly & dont look happy either compared to the outdoor girls?Also what size yield do you end up with out of that room or are they all at different stages of growth?I also agree with @rocknroor about the transfer of molds & bugs going from out to in without 1st changing your cloths n shoes especially.Man @subcool420 even takes a shower then puts on his indoor cloths b4 he comes from his outdoor to the indoor?I would clean that whole area where you work n store your soil n nutrients?The room b4 you go into the plants i mean but thats just me.No malice intended mate all the best with your grows bloke.Cheers

  6. John I was shocked when you said you were going to cut clones from that Hailey's plant.  Sure that plant is not to bad, but IMO most of the plants you showed us in that room had something wrong with them.  You also mentioned pest problems.  John please wait til your veg room has recovered before taking cuts. I also made a comment earlier about it not being as important to wash up between gardens if your plants are healthy and you have a preventive program in place.  With respect please start practicing sterilized procures for your indoor rooms.  You have some amazing strains to preserve! P.S. Sorry for the harsh words. I'm going to smoke some Atomic Lights as a peace offering.  Keep up the videos!

  7. first let me say I like you and bubbleman  a good video for people to learn from not to do last vid you talk about prevention and sraying for bugs but you ignore the most basic one going from youre outdoor garden to youre indoor med garden bringing bugs and mold in with you  change youre clothes just watched you touch a pm plant and walk into youre garden the other day you post a vid of friends garden and he had spider mites hope you cleaned up before you went to check youre garden   wash youre hands change youre clothes do not put youre indoor plants outside on a sunny day and put back inside youre med garden

  8. Thanks for showing the updates on the autoflowers. I'm torn between GHS and some dutch passion auto's. That supercritical, auto big bang and dp's auto durban poison, auto extreme and think different are some I'm interested in. Ayways, thanks dude.

  9. bigger roots bigger fruits for sure nice update and cool to see the un boxing of the cloner i was trying cloning like what that does and worked great good luck CHEERS

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