1. @nickmaister00 u can grow with fluorescent from seed to flower, but u should increase the wattage of your flo,s and keep atleast 9 inches from the plants as flos give off alot of heat,gud luck.

  2. full spectrum incandesent light is still not ok.
    and full spectrum means they added the yellows and greens.
    MJ plants use so little of that it doesnt matter if its there or not.
    Look at LED for example 😛 pounds of BUD with red and blue only, exacting spectrum.

    Incandesent is fail to GROW MJ, simple as that

  3. youll get that with CFL.
    incandesent heat goes well over 100*C
    and will scortch plants if placed where they need to be.

    Go as a marijuana forums if incandecent is ok. and tell us here what happens to your dignity lol

  4. I'm in my second week of flowering with CFL's. They are doing very well! 9 out of 11 are female! I started with 3 120 watts, and did not get much stretching at all, but the growth was slow, So i picked up 2 more 300 wat and a 400 watt to go with it. My meter STILL say light on the "low" side. Im using mylar around a fridge box. I keep adding more and more lights. Now im flowering i'm using 3 300 watt 2700k along with 4 100 watt 27k also. Is it a bad idea to keep the 400 daylight light going too?

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