Growing Cannabis Indoors: Grow Lights (LED, HID, CFL)

Grow Lights! In this video we take a look into the pros and cons of fluorescent lights, high intensity discharge (HID), and light emitting diodes (LED). For Business …


  1. Not true led grow some of the best quality buds and hps is just as hot as LED's. It depends on watts from wall LEDs are very good other then cheep China LEDs use cobs not those epastar LEDs diodes. You can flower big bus with a 400watt t5 in a 2×4 tent and cheap to so something to think about

  2. what would u buy on a budget of $1000 for buying everything?? I am looking at a Yield lab tent 8x4x6.5 ft, Hydroponics system?? still looking and lights?? I live in Oklahoma. i will have no problem getting my medical mariguana card..I have bn on chronic pain meds for going on 10 yrs for my back. The new laws will allow me to grow 6 mature/ 6 seedlings. I am 48 yrs old and never thought I would see medical mariguana would be legal in Oklahoma..this damn backwards ass state! it will still be awhile before I can buy seeds..assholes will not allow us to order outside the state. But I do want to get a system put together so I will be ready.. Thank you for the vid and any further info. Have a nice day!

  3. I'm just about too buy my stuff to grow for my skin cancer and Im wondering Im getting myself a
    MEIZHI Reflector-Series 600W, 4×2 tent and 5 auto seeds plus nutrients etc what do you think, am I going the wrong way or doing good? also what would you keep the temp at in the tent

  4. nice work,very specific….the Reflector192 no have glass cover and with reflective board,so it will collect the lights and reflect back to the plants,lower light reduce.The draw power is around 387W. So you can hang the hanging distance according to the plants react.

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