Growing Cannabis 🌱 Forcing Plants to Flower Early

Nutrients I used to grow these plant outdoors: – Weeks 1-8 of flowering Optimum Hydroponix® – 2-Part Liquid Nutrient Concentrate – Weeks 2-4 add Advanced …


  1. So James….ye said you only keep the tips (4to6inches) and get rid of the rest. By getting rid of…what do ye do with the rest of that sweet bud? Once again…..I'm glad I found you on the YouTube. I will be a great student if you will be my master. And I shall call you……
    "Master Duke" LoL☮️

  2. Sick grow man!!! They look so awesome…ur a master!!! How do u water through the bottom ? Just put a pan underneath then fill with water and do it twice? What about for the top of soil? Let me know ur process….

  3. People saying you gotta spend money on lights and buy specific feed. I’m not buying it. I’ve got some great natural growing plants myself and see lots of people doing it with great results.

  4. Glad your back! Sorry you got censored. I had to search your old channel to find your new one. Are you going to show that other project you do on this channel? I think you can – you just can't say how they help you (and could help others).

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