1. I prefer integraboost packs over boveda any day the bovedas are a salt base system witch to me affects the flavor and smell the integra are not salt based and really doesn't alter the flavor or smell. I forget the exact stuff that integra are made out of but IMHO integra are a superior product.

  2. If that’s what the cia says and you believe that then why would you think the earth it’s a ball with water sticking to it when everyone knows that water needs to be contained and it always finds its level … not a joke . And if your excuse is gravity then where is the theory or gravity showing water sticking to the exterior of a shape when all experiments show it being contained .

  3. I never use a dome on seedlings. If you start in an enviroment that matches your main grow rooms enviroment , there will never be a delayed response or risk of death if they dont like the hardening process. I always see vigour unless the genetics have ruled it out. Stay well . Green 💚 to all 👊🕉

  4. Also, Boveda packs work… but nothing, i mean NOTHING like the BOOST INTEGRA Humidity Packs do. I highly recommend using Boost Integra over Boveda any day. Lokigro(also discount code) and Pedro's Grow Room, BOTH have like 20-25% off discount coupons that make them like DIRT cheap. TRY THEM, DGC!!!!!!!! its literally like $8-$12 for 20 of them or something i cant remember how much cause i bought $100 worth when i purchased them.

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