Green Ninja's Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 30: Dutch Hawaiian Harvest 3

The third part in the Dutch Hawaiian Harvest series. A very nice yield! The buds are dense and extremely fragrant. Not bad for an indoor organic grow using only …


  1. Go the Bubblehash brothers. So much safer and fits well with your mantra of organic.

    I'm so jealous right now, I wish I was there to help trim and smoke them juicy looking buds.

    On the topic of my coming to visit, I'm still going to be doing the best I can to get there and make all our faces hurt. Unfortunately I was informed on the weekend that the house I am living in is going on the market. Which is totally going to screw up my grow as in the near future there will be people coming through for home opens. I am thinking I'll have time to finish Shirley off first though. She is on Day 3 of Flower and I am planning to throw up a fresh new video tomorrow for her Day 4 feeding.

    As always, stay orangey and flush responsibly. I love that line!

    Growers love BU

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