Global National: Dec. 26, 2020 | Ontario locks down as 1st cases of new COVID-19 strain confirmed

In our top story: In Ontario, two people have tested positive for that new, more contagious strain of COVID-19 that was first detected in the United Kingdom and …


  1. Letting people go on vacation out of Canada just made me give up on the "powers" that be. Was already disappointed before this, but this takes the cake. If you leave, then you should not be allowed back in. Goofs.

  2. Lock the province down over a virus 🦠 makes sense Doug fraud this is no more deadly than the flu duh fraud you are taking orders from the corrupt organization the WHO open up the businesses they are essential Doug fraud ……this tv media is dishonest avoid watching this propaganda we need a leader like trump who will get re-elected!!!!!

  3. Actually as I read the comments, I see why we can’t win the battle against Covid19; way more idiots than I actually thought in this country. Oh well. I accept it and as opposed to all the cry Babies, I get it.

  4. “Like putting people in jail without committing a crime”. They don’t understand at all. I am surprised how clueless and dumb people actually are. Lock down it is and live with it and stop complaining; it’s a fukin PANDEMIC idiots!!

  5. Ontario locks down and signs of Communism confirmed should be the title..Hey global news why dont you do a comparison between how many people got the flu and how many died during the past years from it..Baseless claims of voter fraud LOL no the baseless claims was russian collusion with Trump..There is a lot of evidence of election fraud on the democrats side…How about you report what you know about media morons

  6. 2 weeks to slow the spread. Anyone else remember that lie? Unless we fight back soon, these cowards in the ruling class (along with their enablers in the media and pseudoscience community) will never lift these restrictions.

  7. Global you are making puke ! You say that President Trump made more baseless claim of a corrupt election .
    Dear lady reader, before you put out such lies you should at least do some research so that you will know when your prompter is lying !

  8. Oh no. Not the new strain.
    Just thought I'd let you know that we've been saying for months now that the Governments would pull this out of their bag of tricks. How did we know? Because it's not about a virus, it's about control.

  9. Is it actually possible for this station to report 100 % Canadian news? Every broadcast has USA news. USA news stations broadcast USA news, thats enough. Many Canadians are growing tired of USA dominated reports. Give us local and global news.

  10. I'm starting to see a trend in the likes in the propaganda media. The thumbs down use to eclipse the thumbs up, now youtube is throttling down the dislikes for Global. check it out

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