Giant Cannabis Plants Outdoors in Oregon

See huge cannabis plants in Southern Oregon. These outdoor marijuana plants are a few days from harvest. Organic soil and compost are the keys to growing …


  1. I wonder what strains those are so. Jorge please say the strains when u go to big farms with huge plants. I live in Louisiana this just looks like heaven to me all u folks who can just go get bud from a dispensary u don't know how lucky I are the south is stuck in the 50 s. So as my hero Peter Tosh said Legalize it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry I'm late to the show but do you have any advice on how to keep my Bruce Banner#3 cool during the Oklahoma summer? We reach humidity levels 75%+ and temps normally in the upper 90's. This plant will be a tree and will need to be netted like yours. Does that mean I should keep her foilage thin? Perhaps 1/3 the fullness of yours. I watched in my Gsc mold and it was tragic.

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