"Ganja Gun: Goddesses & The Herbs" Is Marijuana Good or Bad For You?

Atleast every other day someone ask me the question “Is Marijuana Good or Bad for you? So this video will go into detail about the sacred herb and give us all …


  1. my fear bro sanchez, is that the govt today is trying to present legalization as a Trojan Horse. they sing the music we wanna hear however the repercussions of voting legalization/recreational use in my view would far outweigh the freedoms we seek within this God given medicine. they aim to monopolize the industry, and I wouldnt put it past them to genetically alter the plant to eradicate the medicinal compounds. they already scheduled cbd oil as a dea class 1!!!!! cbd has no psychoactive effects, only medicinal. keep the plants with and for the people not business/profits. soon we will see big drug company stamps on our bags we buy.

  2. Greetings, Bro. I appreciate your work. I'm interested in your thoughts on the "New Age" Agenda in reference to the Flat Earth understandings. The so-called Secret Space Program and Cosmic Disclosure (tied in with the Ancient Aliens show) is definitely a part of the next control agenda which includes the Alien and New World Agenda. A good mashup video to pull from can be found on the Gaia YouTube channel entitled, "The Cosmic Disclosure Anniversary". I also recently saw an ad for a documentary they're coming out with named Gaia, where they piece together all this nonsense. Another aspect to this move is the Alien Disclosure Agenda pushed by a guy named Steven Greer. His work is compiled (with another one on the way) in a doc entitled Sirius. Peace and blessings.

  3. Hey have you heard of 432hz music being the original tones we played in? Its the tone our ears best receive and has even spiritual benefits to it. They have us tune our keys slightly off and everything is played in 440 instead which isnt perfectly harmonic like 432. Worth looking into

  4. I have come to the conclusion if you're going to smoke, smoke your own or someone you know who grows their own. You know how they take something good and divine and put their negative spin on it. They can't be trusted as far as you could throw them.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………….. everything is connected to that plant …the first seed of creation ………. its not a weed ………… the creators gift …… a joint a day keeps the pharma companies a way ……..

  6. Marijuana is excellent for you. But let anything else, don't abuse it. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never tried it or cant handle it because they have an addictive personality. And if the latter is the case I truly feel sorry for you.

  7. I'm six minutes into the video, I feel compelled to mention a couple of things.
    Anyone attempting to have a serious conversation about Cannabis, should diligently ditch the use of the slave name (marijuana) that it was given by propagandists to demonize the divine feminine beautiful plant of thousands of uses. Dr. Sebi was a beautiful man but he was a bit off on this one (or at least failed to mention a few things). The presence of seeds indicate that the plant has been pollinated. When the female plant is pollinated it's medical properties are depleted / decreased. The good news is a completely pollinated crop produces Hemp, which has hundreds of industrial / medicinal and recreational uses in itself. Another thing that many people fail to discuss when addressing this topic of
    "is smoking cannabis healthy or unhealthy?" is the growing process that was used with the particular crop that you are consuming. Many growers are solely focused on potency and yield, therefore they will compromise healthy integrity by using harmful chemicals in order to increase yield, not taking into account or caring about the potentially harmful effects that it may have on the consumer.
    Organic methods are where it's at.

  8. Bro… you Truely Crack me up lol… You have the Humor of God…. 🙂
    Just one Q: The Hybrid's…. Why so bad? Make's me wounder, as it seems to be mostly hybrids sold today and that they are making legal to buy also are mainly hybrid's.. Do you think theirs anything in that ?
    Great Vid once again & Thank you !!

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