Friday (1995) Funny Ice Cube weed scene (1080p Bluray)

Two homies, Smokey (Cris Tucker) and Craig (Ice Cube), smoke a dope dealer’s weed. After smoke the weed Craig just gone… Movie: Friday Year: 1995 …


  1. Lol the first time i ate a pot cookie me and my bro decided to split a harmless looking choc chip one about the size of a tea saucer. After about 2 hours we legit were walking around in circles at my local park this was around mid night. After like the 20th circle I kept seeing the same tree and realised "Oh shit thats the same tree ive been seeing over and over that must mean we are literally walking in circles". Then my bro just took off power walking at a random direction and I had to chase him lol Long story short i ended up greening out and throwing up in the spare bathroom. He passed out in the garage lmao

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