Feeding Cannabis Plants: Avoid These CRUCIAL Things

If you feed your Cannabis plants with any kind of bottled/bagged nutrients, you’ll want to avoid these things to have healthy, happy plants that produce hearty, …


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  2. is there a video where you ACTUALLY show how you feed the plants? because when i search "how to feed nutrients to your plants", i see people who are using general hyrdoponics, and they mix the bloom, micro, gro, and clamag.(not in that exact order). and those are the 4 im working with at the moment.

  3. I mix right before watering, pH balance, and never have any issues. This only becomes an issue if you mix, then try to store it. A small amount of organic soap can help non-water soluables like Neem Oil mix better.

  4. I'm a relatively new grower. I have been learning as I go along. I've been using happy frog soil in 10 gallon grow pots. I've been adding advanced nutrients to my plants….but now I have some clawing and burnt tips on my plants. I don't think it's too bad, a good flushing should help. When I feed I add the micro, then the bloom, bug bud and bud candy in that order to a gallon of tap water. Sometimes I add molasses and sometimes I add seabird guano. I'm experimenting with strawberry and banana extracts to add flavor to my plants.

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