Easy Budget Marijuana Cloning Basics in Soil – www.GrowBudjuana.com

This is a quick tutorial on how to clone marijuana in soil on budget. With minimal investment learn how to successfully clone a marijuana plant time and time …


  1. The ones on bottom clone way better. The bottom leaves have more root hormones. So youll develop a better root system much quicker and your clones will grow better.. Clone from the bottom, train the top!

  2. Why everybody's always put on gloves and whatever medical looks it, IT S JUST A PLANT, same way of propagating tomatoes, pinch it off, put it in the soil or medium and take care of it! Btw good job 🙂

  3. I find that the best way (for me) is simply cloning in distilled water that is changed daily. When using hormones and soil, I have had many plants die, but, very few die when cloning in water .

    I'm not sure if it's the soil, or the cloning hormone, but, I've tested this with several different plant species and pretty much get the same results.

    Nonetheless, thanks so much for this method! It works better for some people, find what works for you guys 😀

  4. I've heard a few people who air their humidity domes out like.. 2 or 3 times a day. just opening for a minute, then closing- so the humidity doesn't reach harmful levels. Is there any truth to that?

  5. Ayy I'm barely gonna start growing weed for personal reasons and I could use a few tips Im gonna grow outdoors I purchased my seeds already and have a buget of 30 $ for supplies I'm also planning on cloning from there due to financial reasons and please help me out someone Cuzz I can't afford to waste money and not get results p.s. I'm trying to do a stealth grow

  6. One of the best, most simple cloning vids on here. And no sub-standard music / noise, no wanna be thug behavior or language…..simple, easy straight forward. I for one prefer to use soil from start to finish. Rock wool or other mediums may have better success…but there's something about soil i just like.

    Everyone is wondering where you've been. Hope all is well, and maybe another vid someday soon. Peace.

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