Easiest way to Hang Your Buds up to Dry + Look @ The New Gorilla Glue Autoflowers

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  1. My Cannabis buds are so small and very hard to trimp,,i hang in my warm room,and my cannabis are green and some are brown now,how many days im gonna hang my Cannabis and how im gonna trimp my little hanging Canabis Buds,,its very hard to trimp how am i gonna do,,,Please Help Me????Im from India and im in the state of Mizoram near Burma,,and my name is Hlutea H. Please help me fast my room is so fucking hot,,my house is not cement concrete and i dont have money to buy stuff that i saw in youtube,,please help me with the simples way,,and thanks for your video👍🍁💨💨💨💨

  2. You're doing an awful lot of work hanging those when you could just hang them over a hanger in the middle and then hang them from the frame that eliminates the need for the garden wire and tying each individually

  3. Hey bro. What's up man? Hey bro I have a question I did research I can find a good answer. I know there is not an exact answer. How long does it take approximately from germination to harvest a Autoflower plant? Thank you

  4. Okay so this might be a dumb question but oh well lol, I’m looking to start my first grow in the next few weeks but I was just wondering, how is the herb “wet” when you hang it upside down to dry? I haven’t been able to find anything online explaining what the whole ‘drying’ process entails. Thanks in advance for any useful answers and advice

  5. I have 3 white widows, I white rhino, 1 trippy gorilla and a critical kush. Anyway the widows aren’t gonna be done the same time as the other 3 due to genetics, I’m wondering how I can dry the others and keep the widows going, can I box 📦 the others to dry while the widows catch up. Will they dry in a box? I only have the one tent

  6. Hey

    Nice yt channel. Subbed to continue ur progress

    Can i ask, how much did this lot end up weighing once it finished drying? Also what was did it weigh when it was freshly cut?

    Peace. Keep up the good work

  7. We need to invent a easier and faster way to tie up strings for hanging. A sort of quick-string system with quick release features, tight synch, strong material, etc. Some way to easily string up lines and detachment to slide dry buds off the line into your tote, and then easily reattach for the next cut. If this already exists, please let me know. Thanks

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