Easiest Way to Clean a Burnt pot or cooker | जले हुए कुकर को साफ़ करने का आसान तरीका | burnt vessel

Learn how to clean burnt cooker at home easily. In this video i have shown easiest way to clean burnt cooker. similar way you can clean burnt aluminum pan or …


  1. your this trick saved me from my mother's scolding. my mom went to school and it was a holiday for me, and for the first time i wanted to cook rice for pety, I called my mom and asked about the proportions to cook the rice. she told me but she also told me to wait untill she will come but i refused, and put rice on the stove. whole process was over but i felt bad smell from the cooker after some time i opened the lit and found that the rice at the bottom got completely burnt. i was scared because it was just one hour for my mom to return i hurried up and first made food for pety and took a look at the cooker it was so black, i immediately opened laptop and searched for solution and came across your video watched it till the end and applied the same to my cooker, it took me a little be difficult to do it because for the first time i ever washed or cleaned any utensil. it took me 45 mins to clean it up completely or 15 mins before my mom reaches the home. and then when my mom returned she didn't even got any hint this much happenings. thanks a lot for saving my day

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