DWC Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Ep 4. Flowering Stage

(21+ Educational Purposes only) DWC (Deep Water Culture) Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Series Ep 4. Flowering Stage. Gear from series: …


  1. Hey there. I'm looking at an SP250 for my 4×2 tent. It's been 10 months since you got yours and was wondering what you thought of It now you've had time with It? Cheers.

  2. The way you mix your nutrients is counterproductive. Adding all the nutrients to a single beaker with a small amount of water will cause massive fluctuations in the pH of that solution, this can cause nutrients to precipitate out of solution and become far less useful if not useless to the plants. Mix all nutrients in seperate beakers and then add each one to a larger reservoir testing the pH after each addition. Then just fill your buckets from the reservoir.

  3. Ok, im a first timer trying to study the complete process of DWC cannabis growth. I notice you didn't "top off" your plants, but you did trim from the bottom. My question is, when is the best time to "top off" or "trim" a cannabis plant, from your experience?
    Thank you.
    Your answer would gladly be appreciated.

  4. I wish your channel was as big as it was whenever I first got here. You have so much information and I just genuinely think and feel you are an amazing person. Thanks for continuing your content

  5. nice series of clips on dwc,
    you could use a 50ml syringe to mix nutrients, lot less mess than measuring cups etc.
    Pour some nutes into some plastic cups-mark each cup A & B, use syringe to draw nutes up accurately.
    Really easy sytem, with no wastage or spills 🙂

    You could also benefit greatly by switching to black airlines & increasing airflow to each bucket, by adding a 2nd airstone, more bubbles, less troubles…
    Suggest the large round airstones x 2 per bucket, these are available easily & aren't costly via ebay etc.
    2 of these will really make that water boil hard like it should be..

    Have a look at a Hailea AC 9270 Pump.

    Amazing unit with 10 outlets & a manifold to direct air to airlines required.
    Quieter than most 4-6 outlet aquarium pumps.
    Pump REALLY needs to be positioned outside the grow tent, lot cooler air than sucking in warm tent air & pushing that down each airline.

    Also hang a yellow insect strip inside tent, if you see one single small fungus gnat on this strip.
    Then you can be certain things could slide downhill fast with a fungus gnat invasion.
    These lil darlings lay their eggs on the clay media and then have their offspring travel down into the succulent new root system.
    Once here they'll devour roots quicker than they can grow, causing all sorts of setbacks when in veg growth.
    Proprietary treatments are easily available to wage war on these nasty critters that thrive in a dwc environment if not picked up on early..

    Oh & get into scrog, snap n train these things hard in veg & get em under a screen before flipping them.
    More tips more zips..

    It's the little things that help keep the band aids & headaches at bay, trust me.

  6. Honestly had no idea what I was doing in hydroponics until this series. After this grow doing a complete overhaul and changing to buckets. Nice simple and clean cut info no dancing around subjects.

  7. 🆔️🔞&👍if you weren't a sponsor grower, what true knowledge would you share for newbies to ogs..

    I was taught along time ago soil is for taste and personal..hydro is for cash..just ask any one of the recreational states. 98% is hydro in legal states.i was reading comments and some think its expensive to grow.i guess they just haven't come across the right channels.your plants looked great.

  8. Nice grow bro RDWC is the answer that's all i use and its so much easier flushing it out at the reservoir or control bucket. I put a tee after the recirculating pump with a valve to direct the flow out to the waste ! 🙌💚💯

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