1. Omg I remember Dr Jupiter , and his original channel , when I was 12 this was my go to video hahaha , that's when YouTube barley had any videos …super blast to the past ✌️

  2. Hi doc, a quick question about the legal seeds you can buy / feminized seeds / from uk websites …are they worth bothering with … Or is giving your postal address a short rope to the noose ?

  3. I don't see what the big deal is. I only take about 1 shower a month, but then again, I love the way I stink. Great videos man. Wish I had the balls to grow, but I don't want the police at my door. Be safe man…

  4. just started out and this is my first tym growing, so the entire series has helped so far. My plant is about 12 inches tall, with substantial amount leaves. Now reading these comments what is better? Leaving to grow or trim? also when's the next episode coming out?

  5. bigger yield and some say it helps the lower branches get more light, but i top my plants to get them bushy as hell for more weed, and it helps with how tall they get, when i first started i never toped and some of my plants were over my fence and that was just a bust

  6. shit guys it was an example hes right everyone wastes water and gas our most precious resources you can get rid of B.O without a bath like a sponge DUH retards maybe twice a week ? lol i have a pool so …lol but i ride my bicycle everywhere i go to help the air i bike for 3 hours sometimes to get somewhere it helps saves u money which u can buy weed and lowers your tolerance and helps your lungs

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