Don't Buy Legal Cannabis In NJ Until You Watch This – NJ Weedman Vs The State Of New Jersey

Don’t buy legal cannabis in NJ until you watch this. NJ Weedman Vs The State Of New Jersey. In this Dope TV interview we sit down with ED Forchion aka NJ …


  1. I dont believe in all the color blaming..I put this whole hypocrisy on the government. We had to sit here and wait while they decided the "correct" tax on what everyone has been pretty much begging for YEARS. Imo, they should get a 3% tax. Considering they were locking up a lot of people for selling or just having it over the years..that costed people YEARS of their lives. AND I can only imagine the paper work is going to be like to actually try and start getting into this "legalized" business. I wish there was a way to just keep them out as a whole.. the government doesn't need to stick their beaks into everything.

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