Does Weed Make You Forgetful?

Does weed make you forget things you shouldn’t? Does it make ya do things like wash your car when its raining or wait for the stop sign to turn green? Lemme …


  1. I definitely be forgetting shit when I'm high like short term stuff mostly. I'll forget what I just did like 5mins ago and stuff like that but it comes back to me eventually.

  2. love the vids larry! long time sub and ild just like to say that your vids have really helped me get through life and stay positive throughout me loosing my life (or what was left of it) but now things are starting to get better, and i couldnt have kept my head up through it all without your videos to keep me sane, thank you.

  3. my tolerance grew quickly too, but its probably because when i started smoking i went HARD (like smoking 24/7 to the point where i couldnt tell when i was high or not (it all just blurred together)

  4. i got a idea id like to hear you talk about like its about things you regret doing in your life that you chose due to weed or you chooseweed over other shit or how it affected your high school/ teenage years

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