Does Cannabis Help with Asthma?

Cannabis is something that can be inhaled in many different ways. You can use a water pipe, joint, or vaporizer to name a few. It delivers cannabinoids directly …


  1. I vaporiser it them left over I put in a brew or save it up all up and put in a cake or anything with fat .like cream in coffee .mix it all in be for put hot water in

  2. Please do not listen to this. I had very mild asthma and smoked for about 4 years on occasion. Then switched to vape abd now I can't be around a frying pan without an attack. If you have to eat it.

  3. Cannabis, specifically T.H.C is a MIRACLE for the lungs and other parts of the body BUT smoking it is something asthmatics and really any other people would want to completely avoid.
    If the thought of eating an edible is annoying because of the wait time and sometimes wrong dose, and if you prefer a high that's instant like smoking, try using a health-conscious vaporizer instead, not just any vaporizer but a health conscious one. Google it, you can even use a bubbler on some of them to cool down the vapor which is even better for improving your lungs but you can also vape at a lower temperature depending on your tolerance.
    edit: I'm not talking about vaping the oil but the flower, much healthier than even edibles when inhaled at a low temperature.

  4. Cannabis + exercise kicks Asthma's ass i am a testament to this at around 9 years old we won the battle and the war for good after years of take that another bull shit doctors want you to get addicted on and take for the rest of your life

  5. I had no asthma for 23 years. When I had to stop because I was moving to the Philippines for work I got bad asthma attacks. I am now on 250 steroids and Montelukast. Don't wanna get a bullet in my head here. Planing to go back to Europe when there is a Corona vaccine. Wanna smoke my herb again to get rid of my asthma.

  6. It's not ideal that I still put some tobacco in my joints but honestly my asthma is 10x better when I smoke once a day. I also gave up 10-15 cigarettes a day in favour of joints. I had asthma insomnia, chronic pain etc from childhood and managed fine unless I got flu, but when I had to stop smoking weed for a live in job I actually needed to go on emergency steroids twice just from allergen exposure which ruined my mental health, made my insomnia 10x worse and I lost my job. Seriously, why the hell is weed illegal when corticosteroids can mess someone up that badly in a short space of time.

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