Do Mangoes "Boost" Your High?? – (Weed Myths #3)

(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* Decided to do another weed myth today, so I thought i’d tackle “mangoes boosting your high” – This was one that …


  1. don't stronger highs last longer like 6 beers would keep you drunk longer than 2? like in levels or building stories, it takes longer to get to the ground from the 10th vs 4th floor

  2. green mangoes are not ripe, yellow is ripe and red is like about to spoil. also, rock hard is not ripe while squishy is too ripe or spoiled. you want to get some with a little green-mostly green depending on how many you get and they should be soft(you can push a little bit)-hard

  3. To be clear, the responsible molecule responsible here is a terpene called β-Myrcene. However the thyme has upwards to 40% β-Myrcene. You can purchase the pure compound off amazon for 8 dollars, just drip 1-2 drops in your bowl and you will be waaay higher.

  4. it works for sute I've tried it' it feels like your tolerence dropped out no were lol' and I felt like it made the effects of the bud way more notice able. I'm a serious smoker' it works andn its awesome

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