DIY THC infused Eliquid for Personal Vaporizers

A simple informational video on how to create your own cannabis infused vape juice. If interested in making your own vape juice out of herbal concentrates, click …


  1. Hey bro, thanks for the info. Keep doing your thing.
    could you help me with some additional info and your personal experience.
    How long does a .5 or full gram of concentrate/ej mix last you?
    How many hits do you need to feel like you smoked a joint?
    Once you feel like you have smoked a joint, how long do the effect last?

    If someone smokes just a gram of flower a day,(2-3 joints) how long do you think a gram cartridge will last?
    At those concentrations would it be better to dilute the concentrate with more e juice to help keep it fresher for longer?

    if anyone with experience sees this please drop an answer 😀
    stay safe, and blaze up sukas

  2. Maybe this has been answered already, but have you tried mixing THC distillate with 100% PG? Word is, it emulsifies at room temperature and is as clear and pure as possible. Which i suppose means less gunk and longer lasting coil. Again, just hear say. Would be interesting to see if its true.

  3. Normally with 10 grams, I can smoke (pure in glass pipe) daily for almost two weeks.

    10gr gives you 1ml of pure oil.
    You mix that with 1ml of ejuice.

    I vape 2ml of ejuice in one day!
    I guess with the thc that would maybe be, o let's say 3 days…

    Seems like ridiculously expensive to vape

  4. Made some juice earlier. 4g shake/trimmings, 24ml of 65/35 pg/vg base. Came out a nice dark green, almost brownish. Been vaping it at 3v/16w from an Atlantis tank with a .5 coil for 45 min, and don't really feel anything. Not sure what I did wrong. It's not the material though. Used the same material to make butter and it came out great. 2 pieces of toast around 7pm, and I was still high when I went to work at 7am.

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